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sic vis pacem para bellum.

I am who i am, some say a "sick-twisted fuck", some say a "cool cat" and some say a "crazy Jap"...

I was born an raised in Honolulu, HI...but no longer reside in that state.

Turn Ons

Thick wet lips, A excellent kisser, Long thick hair, Gorgeous cat like eyes, The Ability to suck a good dick and wants it all the time, A girl who can drive (Drive like a street racer), A nice round ass, Smooth shaved pussy, Sexy/Cute Geek girls, Someone who swallows, A BJ while driving/racing, A woman who can drive i did not mean my dick...5speed/Manual/Stick Shift/Not automatic, etc etc etc

Turn Offs

Bad Breath, Bad Pussy Stench (Keep your shit CLEAN), A bad kisser, Someone who gets car sick easily, A Shop-aholic, A money grubbin bitch, A lazy bitch, and a dishonorable cheating wench with Hoe quality"s.


I"m a huge movie buff, always spittin out one line quotes. Only type of movies i hate and won"t watch is New Horror/Gore movies.


Who the fuck cares? You"ll only get to know these things if you ever become a good friend, so stfu an move on.


All Types...Literally, no joke...A L L T Y P E S.



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