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Takin' Cartooning and Pornography to the next level!

I am an Artist, with a lot of insanely sexual ideas, as you can see, I made my Gi Joe Brotha fuck a Barbie doll! And the body parts like the tongue, the dick or the pussy are all made of mixed colors/mostly clay. 

One thing is I DON'T jerk off to my work. Since I have my women to fuck and other videos. 

Turn Ons

Thing about me is that..... I'M BIG, I'm big everywhere, Big body, big arms and legs, hands, big fucking cock and nuts that's the size of eggs. So my best turn ons are BBW: Big and beautiful women. Just in general large and and chubby but not too fat, women who are more like my size and weight. Just so I can feel comfortable in bed with. Big girls are also fun to talk to, they had a hard life, fucked up to most people. Poor little girls who've been made fun of all her life. So we talk about extreme violence and brutal nature of sexual perversity and the conversation goes along. Plus that also means I don't have to mind taking her out to see a shockingly violent movie. Or we can both get drunk/wasted and laugh at videos like Pain Olympics or Kids in a Sandbox. LOL. 

Turn Offs

What I don't like is some of this Xtube couples do to each other. YES I like perverse sex and it turns me on watching things that normal human beings call "FUCKED UP". But I don't intend of doing all that myself or I dont wanna meet a chick who enjoys doing.I believe shit like Throat fucking, ass fisting, and taring each others pubes off is just painful enough to watch. Craziest shit I've seen, is a dude burning a chick's clit with a cigarette. NOW THAT'S PRETTY FUCKED UP AND SICK!! 


I like anything that's got a lot of gore and violence in it. Perverse comedy is also in my category. PUNISHER:WARZONE Rocks!!And of course Matrix, Rambo, death wish, Predator and other violent shit.


Electronica and Heavymetal.

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Interracial Stop motion Porn
7 years ago

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BadCartoons's Favourite Videos (5) (5 - 5 of 5)  
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7 years ago

HI THARREE OK that was very clever how long did tavk ??? to bad robut chiken cant do that  graet job do more thanks WKJR

7 years ago


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