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I do what I want, don"t judge me, keep negative sh@t away from me and we can be cool...

Turn Ons

Sex with no boundaries, pretty hands and feet, positive conversation, open minded, nice smile and teeth, honest, clean and disease free person, discreetness, watching porn, humorous, shaved pubic areas, orgies and I have this fetish for T-girls for some reason... I haven"t indulged but anythings possible.

Turn Offs

Judgemental (is that a word) people, blunt smoking chicks, bad hygiene(overall), negative attitudes, lack of communication, liers, arrogance, dummies, drug abusers and haters.


Crash, Dogma, American Gangster, Belly 1, Scarface, Carlito"s Way, City of the God, The Naked Weapon, The Mis-education of Sonny Carson, Cooley High, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Judge Dredd, Parker, Burrough 13, Tyler Perry movies, All American Pie movies, CARS 1 & 2, all Transporter movies, The Brothers, Love Jones, Ray, Ali, Training Day, All Marvel movies, Repo Man (Master P"s version too), Shelock Holmes 1 & 2, National Tresures 1 & 2, Carwash, The Wash, Little Nikki, Happy Gilmore, X, The Waterboy, Hellboy, Wrong Turn, Django, Beerfest, Animal House, Oldschool, Stripes, Backsheep, Drumline, Holes, Ace Ventura 1 & 2, all Matrix movies, all Friday movies, all Rushhour movies, all Diehardmovies, and Big Daddy.


Watching movies, writing, swimming, sex, photography, drawing, painting, creating music, going to gun ranges, driving, traveling, mma training, bars, women, camping, fishing, mountain climbing (ice too), boating, and hiking.


Anything that song good to my soul, it varies.


Anything non-fiction.

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Top Comment #1 by: 2wettwett
11 months ago

thnx fo add sexci..jus voted..luv dread head nigga mmmm


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11 months ago

thnx fo add sexci..jus voted..luv dread head nigga mmmm

11 months ago

thanks for adding me sexy

11 months ago

thnx baby

11 months ago I  love drink cum .. I'm a real ITALIAN bitch

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