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Welcome to my crappy little profile!

So yeah. The name"s Brian. I"m a relatively laid-back 23-year-old Dutch metalhead/stoner.

I"m horrible at writing things like this, so just ask if you want to know something. :D

Turn Ons

(oiled) tits, alternative girls (goth/punk/etc), fetishwear, blood, AGREEABLE MUSICAL TASTES

Turn Offs

Scat/watersports, the more extreme bondage/domination stuff... Other than that, shockingly little.


Smoking weed, chatting, doing absolutely nothing.


Abney Park, After Forever, Agathodaimon, Aina, Akercocke, Amon Amarth, Angelspit, Apocalyptica, Arch Enemy, Asrai, Ayria, Behemoth, Benedictum, Beseech, Bis, Bloodflowerz, BlutEngel, Carpathian Forest, Chiasm, Collide, Cradle of Filth, Das ich, Death of Folk, Deathstars, Dethklok, Diary of Dreams, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Dimmu Borgir, Domain, Dragonforce, Dream Evil, Dream Theater, Dreamaker, E Nomine, E.S. Posthumus, Edenbridge, Edguy, Elis, Elvenking, Emilie Autumn, Ensiferum, Epica, Evergrey, Equilibrium, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Eths, Fairyland, Fields of the Nephilim, Finntroll, Go Betty Go, Goatsnake, God Lives Underwater, Grendel, Hammerfall, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Heidevolk, Helium Vola, Horrorpops, Hypocrisy, Impaled, Impious, In Flames, Infected Mushroom, Jack Off Jill, Jakalope, Kalmah, Kamelot, Keep of Kalessin, KMFDM, Korpiklaani, Lacuna Coil, L"Ãme Immortelle, Leaves" Eyes, Machinae Supremacy, Mankind is Obsolete, Mnemic, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Nattefrost, Nightwish, Pain, Porcelain and the Tramps, Rammstein, Ram-Zet, Razed in Black, Rhapsody (of Fire), Sanctity, Saxon, Sigh, Slayer, Sonata Arctica, Strapping Young Lad, Symphony X, The Birthday Massacre, The Kovenant, Thronar, Tristania, Turmion KÃtilÃt, Tvangeste, Within Temptation, Yousei Teikoku, Zeromancer


Hurr durr wut book are.

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5 years ago

Thanks for adding my pics to your favs and for the comments on my pic :) 

5 years ago

KaBoom! *bits if penis flying everywhere* O_O

5 years ago

Thank you~ ^___^ <3

5 years ago

thank you <333

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