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I would describe myself as: sensitive, caring, kinky, open-minded, shy, looking for love, vulnerable, wanting to be fucked

Turn Ons

wetting my pants, watching others wet theirs, if at all possible in jeans, anything else involving jeans, anything else IN jeans (use ur imagination), jeans, masturbating, cum shots, cumming in my pants, pee, cum or poop stains on jeans, girls who are turned on by any or all these things, talking about these things, role-playing, imaginative erotic stories...

Turn Offs

sexism, homophobia (I'm straight, but I'm not a thickhead), violence, scat unless it involves jeans


Watching girls and guys who think that their jeans are their toilet and act accordingly.

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Clothes pee
1 year ago
Desperation and w..
9 months ago
Wetting my tights
2 years ago
Had to go so bad
5 years ago
getting wet in je..
10 months ago
pee kitchen
5 years ago
Wet jeans
4 years ago
underwear swap
5 years ago

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