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Just an eternally horny fox...

First off, yes, I"m a fur. Been a fox since I was 17, and never looked back. :)

In more detail, I"m a fox living in Washington of the US. I"ve tried a couple other climates/regions, and quickly found out that I belong up here, so I don"t plan on leaving anytime soon, if ever.

As far as content I"ll upload goes, I"ve got a bit of old stuff to go through. Now that I"ve decided to start posting to here, I"ll decide what"s worthy of uploading and get things up eventually. Elsewise, I"ll likely just post anything I take on a whim. I"m definitely open to requests or suggestions, too. ;)

Also, as a general note, I"m going to be picky with friend requests. I"ll likely only accept them from other furs. There may be exceptions to this, but don"t be surprised if I decline requests.

Turn Ons

Cum and precum, especially in copious amounts, and anything to do with it...on me, in me, wherever it goes, the more the better. I"m big into footplay, though picky and selective with it. Orgasm control/denial, exhibitionism/public teasing, and WS are all other big ones with me. I"ll add more in here as I think of "em. Generally, I"m pretty open minded, and will try almost anything at least once, provided it"s not in the no-no list below.

Turn Offs

Really forceful doms, pain infliction, hard bondage/SM, blood, extreme humiliation, among others that I"ll again list as I think of them.


Reading, writing, lots of gaming, and generally spending a lot of time online chatting with people.


Classic rock, mostly, with occasional tech/trance and power/symphonic metal.

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Desperation, leaking, and flooding
4 months ago
Fox pees in an open dry 24/7
1 year ago
Quick cumshot
4 years ago

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3 years ago

*glomp, mega-hug* FOXY!!!

3 years ago

simply stunning i hope we can be friends. yip yip!

3 years ago

I know you ;3

3 years ago

*barks at the sexy foxy*

4 years ago

Rawr, sexy vid you have there! hope to see more from ya foxie :3

4 years ago

*slurps up fox jizz*

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