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6"2"-245 lb. Green-Eyed, White/Male Taurus Bull. Down to Earth and Realistic. I"am truthful and trustworthy, The nicest guy I know with one little defect. I"ve been seXually addicted since puberty. Porn, Triple-X, Cheese-Cake you name it, I"m interested in it! I guess I"m forever Âsearching for that "BIG-BANG" theory? Embarassed

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FRIENDLY-FEMALES Tongue outÂWomen that smile and are happy with themselves. A Girl that looks me over and licks her lips. KissÂA touchy feely Female that likes to cuddle. InnocentÂA Woman who wants to eXplore her seXuality and also Her partners. A Teaser and a Pleaser. A Woman who knows what She wants and how to get-it. AÂSeXually agressive Woman who can take control.ÂTongue out

Turn Offs

Closed-Mindedness. Me-My-I Personality. Rudeness. Bad hygiene. Throw out the encyclopedias, I know it all. If you"re a good-boy, I might let you be nice to me types. Or I"m better than thou. Out of control Bitches! Yell


All XXX Movies... EXcept: HomoseXual-Gay/Bi, ÂAC/DC, Beastality,ÂKiddy Porn, Skat-Toilet SeX, Gang Bang flicks unless its One Male.ÂMMF 2Guys/1 Girl, CBT (Cock, Ball Torture) Trans-Gendered Persons, Shoe/FootÂFetish Snuff-Flicks, Male Masturbation in XXX Films. But besides those few, I pretty much like all XXX Films. Wink


Besides checking out all the Porn I can find — I often fantasiZe about being a Director inÂXXX Films and believe I could make millions selling my flicks.... Also been looking for a nymphomaniac but believeÂthats an eXtinct species or a fairy tale of an over active Male imagination? Undecided


Classic Rock and 80"s Hair-Bands CoolÂBeatles, Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers, The Who, Journey, Night Ranger, Def Leppard, Van Halen (w/Sammy or Dave). U-2, Simon & Garfunkle. 38" Special. Little River Band. Cheap Trick. Survivor. LoverBoy. Outfield. Damn Yankees. Super Tramp. Eurythmics. Fleetwood Mac. REO Speedwagon. Pink Floyd. Johnny Cash. Toby Keith. Wille Nelson.ÂTears for Fear.ÂMoody Blues. Air Supply. Alan Parsons Project. Cool


Fiction, Biography, and Tech Manuals (Self-Help). Sealed

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7 years ago

Thank You Mr.BetterShooting. I realize that male masturbation is not homoseXual, as I think most males do it or have did-it (including myself). The thing is we did it ALONE, not with another Woman or Girlfriend present, let alone a XXX Actress. But the audience wants to see the cum, so jacking off is probably just the easiest way. THERE INLAYS MY PROBLEM! To make the porn real, why can't they have the Woman get the man off? Any guy can make a money shot just by waiting till the very end, pulling out of the vagina/ anus/ mouth/ boobs/ etc. and have the Woman use her hands/ lips/ breasts/ thighs / legs/ feet/ hell I don't care arm-pits to show the guy cumming. When I see a putZ jacking off like a monkey in the Zoo, I think YUCK. If you can't get off on some of the prettiest, hottest, most kinky Babes in the World, what the hell are you doing in this film? Remembering the legendary John Holmes ... another wanker, ended up doing gay films in the latter part of his carreer. In my personal and humble opinion, maybe all these Pole-Polishers should think about following John Holmes path or retirement. Lets make XXX more real to life than what their feeding us.

7 years ago

Well, there's nothing homosexual about jacking off actually, but what you see in XXX movies is not what what people do with their girlfriends in real life.  It's acting and it's done specifically for an audience, and obviously a lot of people in that audience want to see the cum, so jacking off is probably just the easiest way to give it to them so they can easily see it.

 As for Peter North, I think he actually is gay.

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