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Their new fuck toy...

RoxieTheWhore write 7 years ago:

All the Way              It had been a long day at work. Marc had sat in traffic for an hour and a half, hungry and tired. The only thing he could think of was to get home to his lady, Laura. She was the only person he knew who could bring a smile to his face in seconds, without even trying. He adored her fun nature, which she couldn’t help but rub off on those around her. Even now he smiled just thinking about what she might have in store at home.              Pulling into the driveway, he sighed and got out of the car. He couldn’t wait to get inside, take off his tie, and spend some time laughing with Laura. Another day another fifty cents, he thought, wondering what Laura might have in store for him tonight. She was always there waiting for him, not out of some feeling of servitude, but because they truly enjoyed their time together. Getting to the back door, Marc realized he never lost that giddy feeling when opening the door, he always felt like a teenager at this time of the day.              He went in the house, expecting to see her right away, but she wasn’t there. Marc called her name and heard her respond from the living room.              “In here,” she said, and he detected a note of excitement in her voice.              Upon entering the living room, he discovered why she was excited: She was languidly sitting on the couch in her favorite outfit; t***** ***** black leather boots and a sheer, black body stocking. She clearly had spent time getting ready, her hair was done up and she had done her make-up. The entire picture caused his cock to stir, twitching under his pants, straining against the panties Laura made him wear each day. He’d seen her like this before, and he knew what would soon follow. His heart started racing at the mere prospect of what was to come.              “Hey there, baby, how was your day?” Laura said a sly grin on her face. He immediately noticed that she had arched her back just a bit, letting her proud, hard nipples stand at attention.               Marc’s cock was more than stirring now; it was growing hard against his panties and showing through his black dress slacks. The anticipation was building inside him and it showed. His eyes were growing wider by the second, and Laura knew it. This was her favorite part; the tease. She knew the power she had over him. She knew now that she only had to say “jump”, and he would respond with “how *****.”               Laura had him right were she wanted, so she decided the let the cat out of the bag.              “I have a surprise,” she said, “and I think you’ll like it.”              “Better than this,” Marc asked, “how is that possible?”              “You just wait,” she purred, and said a little louder; “You can come out now.”              From the upstairs, as if in slow motion, came another woman, dressed in a red bustier, red stockings, and red ***** heels. She was tall and brunette, with long hair and deep brown eyes. She was very sexy, and Marc was more than a little confused. His mind raced, a thousand thoughts rushing through his mind.              “We waited for you to play,” Laura said, a devilish grin on her face.              “Oh my god,” Marc responded, returning the grin.              Laura rose and went to Amy, the brunette. She whispered in Amy’s ear, and a large grin spread across Amy’s face. Holding Amy’s hand, Laura walked over to Marc and took a hold of his tie. She started leading him up the stairs, and while Amy took his hand and followed suit. They both were excited, because they knew what was to come. Marc was speechless, just following the two beautiful, sexy women, dumbfounded.              He had no idea what they had in store for him.              In the bedroom the shades were drawn tight, and the room was lit only by candles and a small table lamp. The next thing that Marc noticed was a chair sitting in the middle of the room, about four feet from the foot of the bed. He had an idea of what that might be used for, and erection only grew at the thought of it.               “Have a seat, hon,” Laura said, “and relax,” her grin getting wider by the second. She was very excited, and it was starting to show. She had planned this for a month, and was just as excited as Marc. As Marc sat down, Amy moved to the bed and got on her knees, watching Laura. Amy couldn’t stop herself from touching her pussy, and she slid her hand down to touch her clit.              Laura went to work. She took Marc’s tie off, and kissed him deeply, twisting her tongue into his mouth. She had been touching herself earlier, and he could taste her sex on her lips. It only served to excite him further. He had a sinking suspicion that something good was still to come.              Laura moved around him, to his back. While kissing his neck, she pulled his hands behind him. She had his tie in her hands still, and she proceeded to tie his hands behind him, secure with the chair. He struggled a bit, but not too much, he knew what pleasures lay before him. Laura had more ties waiting in his drawer behind her, and she pulled out two more ties to secure his feet to the chair. He could feel the silk against his wrists and ankles, and Marc knew there was no way he could move more than a few inches.              Having secured Marc to the chair, Laura moved to the bed, where Amy was still touching herself and loving every second of what she saw. Assuming the same “on her knees” position that Amy was in, Laura embraced her, running her hands over Amy’s smooth skin. They kissed, long and deep, their tongues wrestling. Their passion was rising at an exponential rate. Amy had easy access to Laura’s nipples, which were hard and showing proudly through the sheer body stocking she wore. She pulled the body stocking aside and dove into Laura’s breasts with abandon, licking her tits and sucking her nipples like there was no tomorrow. All the while, Amy never took her probing fingers off of her clit.              “Oh, that’s nice,” Laura said,” your mouth is so talented.”              “They’re just so beautiful,” Amy replied, and moved her hand from her clit to Laura’s inner t*****s.              It wasn’t long before she found Laura’s pussy. After rubbing her clit for a second or two, Amy slid two fingers inside of Laura. Laura’s pussy was as wet as a desert oasis, and Amy’s fingers slid in like butter on popcorn.              “Oh my god, that is incredible,” Laura cooed, feeling the warmth rise in her body.              “I have to feel your t*****s around my head,” Amy said, knowing that the request was going to be honored.              “Please do,” Laura replied. She knew that if Amy’s tongue was half as good on her pussy as it was on her tits, it would be amazing. Amy gently pushed Laura down onto the bed, and Laura opened her legs, inviting Amy to play. Amy dove in, licking and sucking her way to Laura’s clit.              All the while Marc, still tied to the chair, felt his desire was growing with every move they made. He desperately wanted to join in, rub himself, anything to quell the heat and satisfy the hard cock he could see poking out of his pants. All he knew was that he wanted to join in with the two goddesses he saw before him.              “Will you let me play too?” he asked, knowing what the answer would be before he asked it.              “Sorry baby, this is our time now,” Laura moaned, Amy still drawing Laura’s clit into her mouth, “But if you’re good, you might get a chance to enjoy us.”              With that, his cock got even harder than it was before. He could see the pleasure mounting on Laura’s face, and Amy’s heart shaped ass was begging to be licked and bitten. Marc pulled against his bonds, but Laura had tied him far too well for him to do anything but sit and watch, his desire growing and growing. He groaned with desire.              Laura was intensely enjoying Amy’s deft tongue. Amy was swirling and sucking on Laura’s clit, and Laura let out a loud, long moan of pleasure. When Amy slipped two fingers into Laura’s pussy, it wasn’t long before Laura was shaking in a strong orgasm. She grabbed Amy’s head and raised her hips to meet Amy’s tongue and fingers. Laura’s body bucked in orgasm, so much that she couldn’t even think of anything but the pleasure and heat that rushed through her whole body. Finally she let Amy’s head go, opened her legs and lay back enjoying the tingling sensation that still filled her body              Marc could only watch and desire, his cock as hard as it had ever been, engorged with his lust.              “You taste like candy,” Amy said to Laura, who was still dazed from her powerful orgasm.              “Let’s find out what you taste like,” Laura replied.              She turned Amy around so that Marc could have a full view of Amy’s sex. Laura knew how worked up Marc was getting; she could see his hard dick making a hill in his pants. She wanted to intensify his desire before she touched him. She knew that he was loving every second of this show, and although his face showed a look of sweet *****, she knew that with every ***** second he was enjoying this more and more.              “You like her pussy, baby?” Laura asked Marc.              “Oh god yes,” he *****, “Please let me loose so I can help you.”              “Not yet hon. You might get a turn if you’re good though,” Laura teased him.              With that, Laura decided it was time to taste Amy’s wet juices. Kissing her way up Amy’s t*****, she was careful to make sure her ass swayed gently, teasing Marc all the more. By the sounds of his groaning, she could tell it was working.              When she reached Amy’s sweet pussy, she used her tongue with great relish. Loving every second of Amy’s moans of pleasure, she made Amy’s pussy her entire world. All she could think of was the musky scent that enveloped her nose and the sweet tangy juices that were starting to cover her face.               She languished in the pleasure of Amy’s crotch.              “Oh my god, please,” Marc ***** out, “I can’t take it anymore!! Please let me… Anything!! Just please, I’m begging you!!”              Laura knew it was time, she had gotten Amy good and worked up, and now it was Amy’s turn for an orgasm. Knowing Amy was getting close by her hurried breathing, Laura slipped in two fingers. Amy immediately exploded. Her body bucked and shook, and it was all Laura could do to keep her head in place and licking. She persevered though, and continued licking until Amy was begging for her to stop. Laura rested her head on Amy’s t*****, and they both basked in the glow.              “Please Laura!! I have to have you,” Marc *****, “now!”              Laura looked up at Amy and winked; they both knew what was coming next, having planned this for weeks. Both getting up off the bed, they strutted over to Marc, whose face was now showing a smile of relief. Amy straddled Marc on the chair, facing him, and started gyrating her hips on his cock, causing his pants to become wet with both his pre-cum and her own juices. Laura was behind him, leaning in to whisper in his ear, causing her breasts to touch his neck teasingly.              “She’s very sexy, isn’t she?” Laura asked.              “Oh God yes,” Marc replied, straining against his bonds. He could feel her soft breath in his ear.              “She tastes very sweet too,” Laura cooed, “want to taste her?”              “Please baby, please,” he whispered.              Laura tilted his head back and kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth, sharing Amy’s sweet juice. They held the kiss for a long time, all the while Amy rubbing herself with Marc’s lap.              “What can I have if I let you loose,” Laura asked.              “Anything, just please let me loose, Please!”              “Good because there are more surprises for you today,” Laura whispered in his ear, and then leaned down to untie his hands, “But you can’t touch her unless I say, got it?”              “I understand,” Marc replied.              Amy finally stopped her movements, and Marc was released from the chair. He stood up after Amy got off his lap, and rubbed his wrists.                        “Now strip for us,” Laura commanded, and Marc was only too happy to comply. When he got to his pants, the pair of her panties she had made him put on this morning were straining to contain his cock, and were soaked with his pre-cum.               “Leave those on for a while, I love the way your cock looks in them,” Laura said.              With that, she took Marc and Amy’s hand and led them both to the bed. Marc lay down on his back, his cock straining against the silk of her panties. Laura and Amy lay on either side of him, running their fingers on the panties, teasing his cock yet again. Marc moaned with desire, and squirmed on the bed with passion. Laura pulled his cock out from under the panties and started licking the shaft, long and slow up and down movements. Amy used her tongue on the head.              “Oh my God that’s good,” Marc moaned, “Don’t ever stop!”              They played with him for what seemed like an eternity to Marc, sucking and licking, taking him to the brink of orgasm more times than he could count. Marc was begging them both to give him release. Laura slipped a cock ring over his dick; they both got up on their knees on either side of him. Amy moved a leg over Marc’s face and lowered herself onto his mouth, while Laura straddled his hips and slid his cock inside her. Laura and Amy leaned in and started their hip motions, Laura riding with abandon and Amy thrusting her pussy against his mouth and face, soaking him. They started to kiss each other and moved up and down each other’s bo*****s with their tongues as well.              Marc’s muffled ***** could be heard form inside Amy’s legs, but neither cared. They both rocked and fucked him, and it wasn’t long before they were coming in unison, drenching him in their juices.  When Amy finally stopped coming, she moved off Marc’s head, and his grin was almost splitting his head in half. They both knew how much fun this was for him.              Laura told Marc to get up, on his hands and knees. Amy shifted so that her back was against the headboard, and pointed to her still sopping wet pussy, indicating that Marc should start licking again.               And lick he did, burying his head between her legs. While he did, Laura was doing something behind his back. She had slid off the bed and was now stepping into a strap-on cock that she had hidden earlier. Laura was applying a fair amount of lube to it; she had plans for Marc’s asshole.               She stepped towards the bed again, and raised Marc’s hips so that she could have unfettered access. She dripped some lube onto his ass, and then inserted a finger into him to let it get inside him. Marc moaned in pleasure, he loved her long fingers in him. He’d never had the rubber cock though, and Laura was very excited to give it to him.               On Laura’s cue, Amy grabbed Marc’s head, pulled it out of her crotch and said to him; “enjoy.” She then pushed his head back into her pussy, holding it there tightly, not allowing him to stop.              Laura pulled the panties Marc was still wearing aside, and slowly slid the head of her cock into Marc’s ass. He let out a ***** of pleasure form within Amy’s t*****s, and Laura knew that he wanted more. She teased him for a while though, only giving him two or three inches. When she felt his hips start to press back for more, she slid herself all the way into him. Slowly at first, she fucked him, and then sped up the pace. Marc was bucking his hips back against her, he wanted more. His hand was on his cock, stroking it furiously.   But the cock ring kept him from coming.              That was exactly how Laura wanted it right now. Her fucking his ass, the Strap-on rubbing her clit, watching him pleasure Amy. His muffled moans and ***** intensified. Laura leaned forward, rubbing her tits on his back and whispered in his ear:              “Do you want to come now?”              His words, still muffled by Amy’s pussy, Laura couldn’t hear him well.              “I didn’t hear you Marc,” she said, “Do you want to come now?”              “Oh God yes…Please let me come!!”              Laura straightened back up and, still thrusting into his ass. She moved his hand aside. He groaned with disappointment, thinking she was teasing him again.              But Laura wasn’t. She wanted to hear and feel him come. She knew his asshole would grip her rubber cock in spasm as as he came, and she wanted to feel that so bad. She slid the cock ring off him, then gave his cock a few quick jerks.              Before she could get in the fourth pull of his cock, he came. His body shook and shivered with his orgasm. His come sprayed all over her hand and the bed, soaking the sheets. She buried herself deep into him one last time, then ***** the come that was on her hand to Amy. Amy finally let go of Marc’s head, and as he looked up at her she pushed her come soaked fingers into his mouth, giving him a taste of himself. He sucked on them hungrily, tasting himself, Laura and Amy’s pussy yet again, all in one mouthful.              Laura pulled out of him, then let go of his hips. Marc collapsed on the bed, exhausted.  Laura removed her new and freshly used toy, then took Amy’ hand again. They then left the bedroom, with Marc limp on the bed in his own cum, unable to move.              Downstairs, Laura made coffee for them both. And they planned out the next time they would be able to use their new little fuck-toy, Marc.             

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Great stuff!  You need to write more of these.  Very impressive.

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