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Making Love

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He was lying on his back, on her bed. His body stretched out, hands crossed on his chest, the comely curve of his ass sinking into the sheets that carried her scent, His boyish clean-shaven face turned toward her, a naughty twinkle in his eyes, a sly smile barely visible on his lips.



She stood beside the bed and looked at him, curbing a sudden impulse to reach under him and squeeze his tight buns. Not that he would have minded. Instead, she eyed the slight cluster of black hairs perfectly positioned between his breasts with their small black areolas perched on firm terrain, surrounded by more hairs and dark nipples at their centers. Erect, she noticed, with an inner chuckle. Her eyes traveled down to his tummy, its navel the centerpiece of another mini forest of little black hairs on brown skin, with the treasure trail partially covered by a dark, slender, long uncut cock. Semi-hard, twitching slightly, with a rosy glans peeking out from inside its sheath. Smiling at him, she reached out and brushed his tight balls with her fingernails, making him gasp.


She climbed up on the bed, and in one lithe motion of her curvy sensuous body, straddled his midriff as he uncrossed his arms and stretched them back above his head. She looked at the cluster of curly hair where his taut muscular arms met his torso, then saw his eyes travelling up her soft creamy thighs toward her mons pubis. He licked his lips and smiled at her. Not too subtle, are you?...she thought.


Without a word, she inched up over his chest and then his chin, which he playfully rubbed on her pussy, lighting a shower of sparks inside her, and then settled, hips raised, so that her naughty bits were right above his mouth.


He knew exactly what she wanted. Head raised a bit, his lips found hers. He started with gentle kisses. Feather light, yet infinitely arousing. His hot breath on her hood. She had to bite down to suppress the urge to grab his head and shove it into her. Then he started with his hands. Caressing her thighs that were hugging his chins with soft touches of his fingers, playful drumming and urgent squeezes, all the while kissing, biting and parting, kissing, biting and parting, her lips with his. A low moan emerged from her throat. She felt like a feline. A cheetah straddling its prey, anticipating the satiation to come.


He stopped, looked up at her and smiled, breaking the spell. She took a deep breath and exhaled, smiled back at him coyly, and relaxed her thigh muscles that had involuntarily been clenching all this time. Suddenly, in one sudden motion surprising her, his fingers pressed into her mound, parting the outer lips, exposing her hood and making her hard clit emerge from inside. She knew what he would see. A hard pink little knob peeking out from its hood, below which, the delicious pink openings to her secrets, jealously guarded by dark, dew-coated lips. White cream pooling on the inside. She was very very wet. At that moment she wanted him more than any man she had ever lusted after. She wanted to scream "fuck me now baby!". But no, tonight, patience was the name of the game.


He blew on the freshly revealed flesh, and his hot breath made her shiver as though caught in a cold Colorado wind. She involuntarily moved closer to his mouth and moaned as his tongue touched her clit that had now fully emerged from its hiding place. Setting off an electric current that ***** from his hot tongue-tip into her hard quivering button to deep inside her wet swollen pussy and then spreading upwards along a thousand nerve fibres setting fires all over her body. Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh...she moaned through clenched teeth as his toungue shot out and made contact and circled, then withdrew, then another time and another time. Over and over. Until she felt she could not stand it anymore without climaxing in an orgasmic scream.


As if sensing this, he stopped, looked at her face all cruched up in ecstasy and anticipation, smiled mischievously, and then slowly, seductively, sucked on his thumb and forefinger, making sure they were thoroughly wet. Then he started circling her clit with those slippery fingers, squeezing, pushing, rubbing, building her excitement once again. As she was climbing, he stopped, put his arms around her ass, and in one swift motion smashed her wet sloppy pussy against his mouth. Ahhhhhhhhh...a primal *****-like sound escaped from her. As her voice trailed off, she felt a hot wet tongue slip deep inside her vagina. In and out, round and round, it went, coating itself with the essence of her femininity.


She was climbing again but she wasn't yet ready to go over the peak. And she badly wanted to taste herself. So after a few minutes of enjoying his tongue fuck she slithered backward on her haunches, then leand over to him...this handsome man, with olive skin and a wicked mind, who was so much in tune with her secret desires. His face tilted upwards and his lips parted to receive the fervent kiss that she was about to give him. Leaning forward, her pussy pushing against his tummy, her elbows planted firmly on the bed by his broad shoulders, her palms cupping his cheeks, she kissed him passionately. A wet, deep, lingering french kiss of abandon. As his lips pressed against hers and his tongue met hers, she tasted herself in his mouth. Her mound pressed against his tummy, her honey dew coating his brown skin, as their lips kneaded together and tongues intertwined. Two beings fully lost in each other. The rest of the world ceased to exist.


This man, of whom she had fantasized for so long, was now in her bed, her lips against his, their tongues making love. She felt her power over him and a sudden feeling of elation overcame her, making her catch her breath. His hands were on her back, hugging, pulling her face into his, playing with her hair that was now cascading over him. Oh Baby! He moaned, as they eventually broke off the kiss. She straigthened up and they looked at each other, with knowing smiles, like lovers who have been together forever, attuned to every whim, every desire, every kink, of one another.


Still smiling, she started wriggling backwards on her haunches, her thighs stroking his hips, her ass low, just a  hairbreadth over his skin. Soon enough, she felt the warm touch of his eager cock on her back. Wriggle backwards more and his hard cock was now pressing against the valley between her moons. More, and her buttocks fought his throbbing cock, ***** it downwards. Even more, and now his cock was trapped between her thighs, her pussy lips caressing and coating it with her juices as she moved further and further down. Eventually the dark spear, escaping the tight embrace of her nether regions, sprang back to point upwards in front of her. She looked at the streak of cream on it, deposited by her flooding pussy, at the head now fully emerged from the foreskin and shiny with precum, and she felt a surge of pride over the effect she was having on him.


He winked at her, and thrust his hips upwards slightly. She knew the signal. Smiling, she bent over. He thought to is Venus, with her lovely lips and perfect teeth, about to take me in her mouth...oh fuck, how lucky could a man be! His hands clenched as his penis was encircled by her mouth. Its warmth, its wetness, its eagerness, consumed him. With one hand he squeezed the base of his cock to prevent it from exploding right then and there, with the other he cupped his balls. She went up and down the length of his shaft. Making it slick with her saliva, and gently scraping him with her bared teeth on upward motion as she looked at him with mischievous eyes. Ohhh fuck, he moaned...Ohhhh God, Ohhhh my Baby, Ohhhhhhh...


She pulled his foreskin forward, sliding her tongue inside the opening to dock with his dick and caress the mushroom inside. Then pulled the skin back and down, exposing the glorious tip, shiny and taut, over the rock-hard slightly curving shaft. Then she slowly took all of it, inch by inch, in her mouth, all the while looking at him through the top of her eyes. The pleasure etched across his face, the love that he was feeling for her, made her heart brim with an indescribable happiness. Once she reached the base, she slowly eased his cock out of her mouth, and began to tease the underside of its head with her tongue tip. Then she traced the length of the shaft with her tongue, circling the tight ball sac, then moving upwards. When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth, lips moving back to bare pearly white teeth, a female feline in heat, and playfully but gently bit down. His stomach muscles contracted, his thighs instantaneously became taut, and his toes curled. She let go, tossed he her head back, her gorgeous brunette hair dancing in the lamplight, and laughed. What a tease!...he thought, affectionately.


She could sense his tremendous effort to prevent involuntary upward thrusts, for his cock desperately needed to find her mouth again. But no, she did not want him to peak. So before he lost all control she stopped. Teasing was the name of the game tonight.

"Close your eyes and put up your hands! Don't you dare open your eyes or move your hands until I allow you!" She commanded in mock seriousness. He looked at her quizzically for a second...this was not part of their tacit understanding! Then he obeyed her wordlessly. She reached over and retrieved a pinwheel from the toy chest she kept beside her bed. A device of sweet *****, a small metal wheel with pointy tips attached to a handle. Smiling to herself, she touched his tummy with it, quite gently. He sucked in his breath, at the unexpected sharpness and coldness of metal. She pressed down a bit, making him gasp. Then she rolled the wheel up and down, pressing hard enough to cause a little ***** but not so hard as to break the skin. She had chosen the spot carefully. She knew that his tummy was ticklish. He moaned and squirmed from the sensations of being tickled mingling with sharp pricks of sweet ***** as the wheel tips made and broke contact. As sddenly as she had started, she stopped and removed the wheel.


His face, eyes squeezed shut, was full of tense anticipation. She smiled at him, feeling quite the dominatrix. Next targets were his inner thighs. First the right thigh. A few strokes, then withdraw. Make him wait in anticipation, not knowing where she was going to stike next. Then, his right nipple. Cease action for a while, until he starts twitching with eagerness. Then his left thigh and then right breast. Eahc time, he gasped and his body moved under her, immersed in a sensational mix of ***** and pleasure. She knew, because she could see waves of goosebumps sweeping over his skin. Enough *****, she decided finally, and said "You may open your eyes now."


She looked at him and he beckoned her with a slight movement of his head. She knew that he knew what she wanted next. There was no need for words between them. She wiggled up toward his tummy, bent over and kissed him deeply as they had before, this time letting him taste himself in her mouth. Then it was back to straddling his face, his lips working frantically on and around her pussy lips, biting gently, pulling on them and licking off the copious fluids that were pouring out of her body, occasionally stopping to gently slap her ass, clit and pussy with his palms, each time making her jerk upwards and moan in pure pleasure.


Suddenly he stopped, leaned over and took her little toy, a double-headed purple vibrator, from the toy chest and handed it to her with a naughty smile. Her face flushed with embarassment. It was her favorite toy, but She had never masturbated with it in front of a man. He kept smiling, and holding out his hand. She eventually took it, closed her eyes, and started working it around her engorged clitoris that was by now flaming red. He watched her with intense eyes, while his hands stroked his cock behind her back.


After a little while, he took the vibrator from her hands and started working on her just as she had. Trapping her clit between its two knobs, working it round and round the button without really touching it, and pressing it against her pussy lips, now dark purple and engorged with excitement. When the vibrator was on her clit, his mouth was on her lips and then they switched places. His hot breath and his bites and his licks and his toungue darting in and out of her throbbing vagina, coupled with the sensations of the vibrator that lit her clit on fire, proved too much to *****. She was being whisked to the top of the peak in a gondola, moaning louder and louder. She leaned back on one hand, her thighs holding his head in a vise grip on the pillow, and with her other hand started frantically working his hard slippery cock, pulling and squeezing and sliding the foreskin up and down the hot red swollen cockhead. He was in the gondola with her, zooming up to the peak.


They both reached the top, their gasps and moans coming unison. The vibrator hummed. Her clit was now a hard pearl ready to explode. His tongue was making her pussy lips sing. Her statuesque body arched above his. His hard cock strained upwards with all its might through her clenched fist.


Then they went over the abyss together. Tumbling down, with no parachutes. Moans turned into full-throated raw sounds of pleasure. He threw the vibrator to the floor and cupped her clit, putting it in one tight squeeze. Her face thrown backwards, her back arched, she was the perfect feminine form in its most glorious state, suspended above him in ecstasy. He pressed his face against her pulsating pussy. His other hand caught hers working his cock and moved with it, stroking his hard dick, pulling back the foreskin all the way to expose the cockhead that had swollen mightily over the turgid shaft. His hips thrust upwards and his cock sliced the air. A thick stream of white erupted from its tip, arcing gracefully in the air and landing on her hair and on her back. She screamed. She was a cheetah in flight. He panted. He was a gazelle on the bound. His cock erupted again and again, white strings taking flight from its tip to land in curious patterns on her back that Picasso could never have painted.



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