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Katie and the Dressing Room

Spermalot write 8 years ago:

Shopping for Lingerie by Spermalot, July 2008 I had been in Savannah on business all week and to be honest I was getting pretty bored. I spent the entire week setting up computers for a company that was trying to get into online sales of porn and porn paraphernalia. Being around all that porn material all week made me extremely horny and also made it hard for me to concentrate on my job. Anyway, my business was all done, but I could not get a flight back to Denver until tomorrow, so I decided to do a little shopping. I decided to pick up something nice for my wife, Nikki. By something nice, I was thinking about some nice sexy lingerie; something I could appreciate too. I described what I was looking for to an employee at the porn company, and he steered me towards a store that sold some very revealing outfits. As I drove over to the store, I began thinking and fantasizing about a friend I had recently met online. Her name is Katie, and she has totally taken me by surprise. Her perfectly appropriate screen name is cok-luvr. When I read and reread the erotic private messages we have been exchanging, my cock immediately becomes fully erect and I fantasize about how sweet it would be to plunge my hard cock deep into her tight smoothly shaved pussy. I think about her all the time, which is probably not a good thing since I am happily married. But, I just can’t get that gorgeous face and body, and her lovely personality out of my mind. I think how nice it would be to buy Katie some sexy lingerie at the same time, and have her model it for me. Of course, this is only a fantasy since we have never met and probably never will. I have no idea where she lives…and that is probably a good thing, for now anyway, since the temptation to take our relationship farther would be overpowering. The lingerie store ends up being in a large mall, The Oglethorpe. I wander around the store for a bit, looking at red and black outfits. My wife looks great in those colors; and then I think to myself, I’ll bet Katie looks great in red too. Darn, I think to myself, I have to stop thinking about her. As I browse the store, several of the sales la*****s approach and offer to help. Since they are all wearing samples of their less revealing merchandise, probably to stimulate sales, they probably don’t realize what else they are stimulating and what kind of help I am really thinking about. I finally find a red outfit that I think will work; a baby doll set with a deep V-shaped plunging neckline and a furry type trim at the bottom. The breast area was made of a sheer type fabric so the breasts would be more visible. The set also came with matching silk crotchless panties and a front clasp bra with the nipple areas cut out. I imagine the bra was included just case she did not want to wear the baby doll cover-up all the time. I liked the crotchless panties and imagined the silkiness of the material rubbing against my penis as we are fucking. This set was perfect. I love to suck on a nice swollen nipple during sex, and then at the proper *****ent of arousal remove the bra and bury my face in both tits. After I paid for the outfit and was getting ready to leave the store, I just happened to look around again. Actually I was just ogling the sales la*****s and letting my fantasies run wild. There was only one other customer in the store, and my eyes were attracted to her. She was in the back part of the store looking at some very revealing outfits. From what I could see, she was beautiful. She was turned away from me, but the first thing I noticed about her was her gorgeous long brown hair. I fantasized for a *****ent about running my fingers through her hair, and caressing that long neck that her hair was concealing. Like I said, I was pretty horny and my thoughts were running away from me. I told myself to get my mind out of the gutter. I could not take my eyes off of her and I kept staring at this gorgeous woman. Finally she turned a little bit to the left to reveal a little bit more of her face. Her eyes were mesmerizing; dark and seductive, and her lips were perfectly formed into a little upturned smile. Maybe she was thinking about what she would do with that outfit she was looking at. At this point, I had to do a double take because she looked somewhat familiar and I thought I recognized her. I really do not have any lady friends in Savannah, other than the few I chatted with at a couple of the bars last night. But, she sure looked familiar and the more I stared, the more I started thinking she looked a lot like my online friend Katie. I quickly dismissed that idea, but my mind would not let it go. I had to get closer and take a better look. I returned to the store and began to casually look at outfits again as a pretense to get closer to this lovely woman. Her back was still towards me, and as I approached, I noticed the *****ting scent of my favorite perfume, Victoria’s Secret Pink. This was a promising sign since I had mentioned to her that it was my favorite. Could this be my online friend that I fantasized about so often? I really did not know what to do. It really did look like Katie, but all I had to go on were the memories of the few pictures she had sent me. I think to myself that there is no way this can be her, but I can’t let it go. I know I would regret it if I got home, got online with her, told her my story, and then found out that it was actually her. Well, I worked up my courage and approached a little closer. When I was standing directly behind her, the powerful scent of her perfume combined with her overwhelming beauty started to have the predicted response on my lower extremity. I was starting to get hard, and I had not even spoken to her yet. How foolish I would look standing there with a massive hard on if it was not Katie. Well, I thought, it’s now or never…so I leaned forward slightly and whispered directly into her ear “are you Katie the Cock Lover?” At this point, I expected this gorgeous woman to turn around and at the very least slap me across the face and yell for security. Here was a total stranger with a massive erection whispering something about a dirty someone or other into her ear. To my surprise, instead of screaming for help, she just stood there for a second and then nodded slightly. At least I think it was a nod. She then reached behind herself and felt my erection very close to her. “Oohhhhh” she said, “is that for me?” She moaned softly, but did not turn around. I wasn’t expecting that reaction, and I just stood there not knowing what to do next. This lovely woman who had just grabbed my cock then reached for an outfit off the rack and headed towards one of the dressing rooms. The room she went to was the farthest from the direct view of the register; a little more remote than the others. Well, here I am with a massive hard on, and the ***** that caused it has disappeared. I am also kind of getting strange looks from the sales la*****s now, and I am thinking to myself, go now, let it go. But, I am hooked and cannot leave. Luckily, the sales people were distracted by other customers now, so I started working my way over to the dressing room. After a few more minutes of indecision, I decided to push on the door. It wasn’t locked, so I step in and lock the door behind me. “What took you so long”, she said. She had put on the outfit she took off the rack, and it looked gorgeous on her. Sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide, I could see that she had picked out a pair of panties that were completely open at the crotch. Just what I like. Even more unbelievable, I could see the end of what appeared to be a large dildo thrust between her legs. When she saw me gasp at the sight, she said “I was just getting warmed up for you, I never leave home without it” and then she giggled a bit. I stood frozen for a second looking at the dildo between her legs, and then started to unbuckle my jeans. She got up and started to take charge of getting my pants and underwear off as quickly as possible. Amazingly, the dildo was still tightly clenched between her pussy lips. I could only imagine how tight her cunt must be, and I was hoping it would not be long before I would find out for sure. The first thing she did after pulling down my pants was to drop to her knees and totally engulf my hard dick in her mouth in one swift motion. My cock is slightly less than 7” fully erect (on a good day), but this woman took the whole thing in one big gulp; her chin was touching my balls! I was in heaven, and I knew right there that this had to be Katie. She told me about being able to deepthroat a full 10” cock without gagging, and to be honest, I had my doubts. Those doubts were gone now, and I was very impressed. My cock was being worked to the limit. I looked down and saw her gorgeous face looking up at me while her mouth was going in and out on my fully engorged cock. I tried to hold back, but I could feel my orgasm building to a climax. I yelled out to her “keep it up Katie, make me cum; I’m going to explode in your mouth.” Rather than pull away, she just looked up at me with eyes that had a mischievous smile in them, and continued sucking as hard as she could. It was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had….I emptied my balls as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum down this *****’s throat….and she swallowed every little bit. After releasing my still hard cock from those luscious lips, she licked the tip of my cock with her tongue and rubbed a bit of the remaining cum onto her lips. She stood up and proceeded to grind her gorgeous tits and hips into my body. Her wet tongue flicked at my ear a few times and she moaned long and deep. “Fuck me”, she said “Fuck me now, I want to feel that hard cock deep inside my wet pussy.” She was at just the right height for my still erect cock to find its way between her long slim legs. Just the place it wanted to be. I reached down between her legs and grabbed the end of the dildo that was still firmly clamped between those legs. She parted her legs ever so slightly, and my fingertips brushed the top of her womanhood. She convulsed slightly at my touch and moaned again. “Fuck me now, I want to be your little whore” she said. At that point, she must have thrust or convulsed her pussy somehow because the dildo shot out into my hand. It was dripping wet from her love juices. I brought the dildo to my mouth and licked it a few times to capture her scent. She giggled again, and said “you’re not done yet, are you?’ Of course she knew there was more to come. But first, I reached into the bag I had brought into the room and pulled out the outfit I had just purchased for my wife. “Put this on first”, I said. She removed the remnants of the first outfit and put on my wife’s future lingerie. While she was undressing and dressing, I saw her completely naked for a brief period. She had a smooth hairless pussy which was as almost as tanned as the rest of her and a slightly protruding clit which seemed to beg for some attention. Her pussy lips were swollen with a desire that I hoped to soon fulfill. I swear that the sight of her completely uninhibited nude body in that tiny room caused my hard cock to grow another inch with lust. While putting on the panties, she raised one leg onto the chair and her pussy became fully exposed to my view. Her pussy lips were slightly parted exposing a lovely pink interior and I could see her wet cunt juices almost flowing down her legs. She finished dressing, grabbed my cock firmly in one hand and led me over to the chair. I unbuttoned and removed my shirt and then kicked off my shoes and jeans. Now I was completely naked with a strange woman inside a store dressing room. I briefly thought to myself how I would ever explain this situation if we were caught, but those thoughts quickly disappeared as she *****d me down into the chair, faced me and straddled my hard cock. She was teasing me a bit, just brushing the tip of my dick with her cuntslit; trying to delay the *****ent of full penetration to make it all the more sweeter. I felt like I might cum again just from her teasing motions, and I moaned a little with anticipation. Since she was facing me, those gorgeous tits were now staring me straight in the face. I was almost delirious with lust at the sight of them. I inhaled one with my mouth and rubbed the nipple of the other until the nipples were fully hard and standing out like pencil erasers. I reached down with my other hand and slid a few of my fingers into her moist pussy while gently rubbing her sensitive clit with my thumb. I curved my fingers slightly, towards the upper part of her vagina so I could reach her G spot and started rubbing more vigorously while slurping on her tits. After a few minutes, she moaned and said, “yes, there it is, right there, keep that up, keep rubbing…I’m going to cum. Her hips were thrusting in time to my rubbing and a *****ent later she stiffened and moaned long and deep and a torrent of her love juices poured out onto my hand. I kissed her gently on her neck and looked deep into her lovely eyes. She winked and said, “now it’s your turn, sexy man, put it in.” With that, she dropped down, thrust her dripping wet pussy directly onto my erect member and took it all the way to the bottom in one single stroke. We sat like that for a *****ent, savoring the feeling, enjoying the *****ent, wanting it to last forever. She began to grind her clit against my pubic bone, and I felt my dick getting harder still. I whispered in her ear, “how do like being fucked like this, you little whore.” She didn’t say anything, but began to move her hips in a sensual rhythmic motion as I began to thrust upward.“Talk dirty to me” she said, “call me names, tell me what a slut I am!" Normally, I wouldn’t say anything like that during sex, but I wanted to make this woman happy, so I did as she asked. "Yes, you are a whore….you’re a dirty little whore who likes to fuck anyone with a dick….you're a slut who'll spread her legs for anyone won't you?” She responded “yes, yes, I’m your little slut, your little cock whore.” “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fill me full of your hot sticky cum…I want it deep inside me” she said. We were fucking hard now, bouncing so rapidly that I thought we would fall out of the chair. I could tell she was going to cum again, and she bit into my shoulder to stifle her scream as it happened. I felt her pussy tighten up and hold me deep inside her. Her body shuddered as she ground down one last time, and then she went limp. That was what I was waiting for and I exploded, sending a river of hot sticky cum deep into her fantastic love tunnel. As I was cumming, I felt her tight pussy muscles contracting again, almost like another mini orgasm, and she literally milked the jism from my spurting cock. After I came for the second time that day inside her tight dripping wet cunt, she whispered into my ear, “Ohhhhh, baby, that is soooo much better than talking about it online, isn’t it?” I almost came for the third time when she said that. Only my Katie would have known about what we talked about online. We embraced for a few minutes, and then separated. She wiped my river of dripping cum from her pussy with my T-shirt, and giggled again as she handed it back to me sopping wet. Before she began to get dressed, she reached down to her pussy, shoved a few fingers deep inside herself and came out with her fingers covered with some of my remaining cum. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the cum from her fingers….the cum that had just been deep inside her pussy! She said “Hmmmmm, I love the taste of your cum, baby….I’m going to save the rest of it for later, hehe.” She took off my wife’s outfit, put her little dildo back into her purse and got dressed. As she opened the door to the dressing room, she turned to me and said “I work at this mall and I shop here often…..and I’d recognize that cock anywhere, bye Spermalot.” I was floored; there was no doubt now that this was Katie! I waited a *****ent and then tried to quietly slip out of the dressing room. The store was much more crowded now, and I got some nasty looks from other customers as I left the la*****s dressing room. My wet T-shirt was rolled up in the bag with my wife’s lingerie, and I am sure the sexual smell was overpowering. As I left the store, one of the sales la*****s said “come again.” I laughed to myself and thought, probably not again today lady, not again today. Needless to say, I am now looking forward to my next trip to Savannah. And Nikki looks great in her new lingerie; if only she knew it had already been worn by my friend Katie. Whenever we fuck while she is wearing it, I always think back to that dressing room in Savannah, and the sex becomes that much more intense. The strangest thing is, Katie denied the whole thing the next time we chatted online…what a little tease, she is….what a little tease.

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8 years ago cok-luvr

i can't express how horny this story makes me. you know exactly how to get me wet!! i'll send a message!

thank you baby!! <3

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