my little boobies

[2008-08-22 11:19:49 am]
i love my little boobies...they make me so hot.... tho sometimes i wish they would grow bigger... not huge, but i would like to have good sized woman shaped breasts....... does that sound strange?  i think it would be hot!  i'd wear a little bra that would barely cover them, and they'd overflow it. And without a bra, they'd poke out my shirt far and hang low and jiggle and wobble.  i'm rubbing them right now...

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3 years ago

I like to see your beautifull girl shaped breasts hanging over my face as you lick and kiss and suck on my foreskin!

5 years ago

































i would love to be there to take your bra off and suck your little tits. I love to wear my bras in public so men and women can see the outline showing under a t shirt or a light color shirt.

7 years ago

mmm....I would love to see your breasts grow and watch you play with them all the time.

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