Pray fer my chubby ass,guys.

[2008-07-23 01:22:00 am]

While at work Monday night,I suffered a near syncope,which is a near fainting spell.

It can be caused by a drop in blood pressure-which itself can be caused by the medication for high BP,which I am not on,as of yet.

Other causes (this is coming off my discharge instructions from Memorial Hermann Northeast/NEMCH) include:heat exhaustion,dehydration,internal bleeding,physical pain,emotional distress,heart problems and/or circulatory problems.

I will be seeing Dr. Mehta,which is my old doctor,sometime within the next few days,probably Monday.

I will let you know what the cause is then,if he decides not to admit me into the hospital.




Sorry for being so late with any news,but I have been busy back at work.

OK. Went to the doctor and he told me,other than I needed to lose a bit of weight,my problem was dehydration. Ever since then,I have been drinking mostly water to help with this problem. And,in addition,I saw Dr. Mehta Junior,not Senior. (He's cute but straight. DAMN MY LUCK!) 

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