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[2012-09-15 03:23:17 am]

Hi sexy xtubers,

I thought it a good idea to explain this change here and use this blog as a forum for communication as I have received so many mails recently... some supportive, concerned .. (others, not so understanding).

First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind words and encouragement... you know who you are ;-)

So, why have I decided to become an Amateur? 

Well, over the years, I have always been aware of the potential to earn money on xtube and have often toyed with the idea of opening an amateur account. However, financial gain was never my aim and so, I have always pushed the idea to the back of my mind. As many of you know my driving force is the pleasure I derive from teasing, sexual exploration and creative expression. Not to mention the fun and excitement involved in sharing my sexual exploits publicly... my reward often being your sexy feedback and genuine appreciation. I also strive to preserve a sense of integrity and purity in the predominantely fake, scripted world of mass produced porn — xtube and its users being a welcome exception for sure!


However, a recent setback in our lives has brought temptation to the fore again and of course, this fueled by motherhood (yeah... now a MILF ;) has prompted me to reconsider. Thus, our decision to capitalise on my "popularity" on xtube and open an amateur account .  This is unknown territory for me and I am not even sure that my style will be appreciated by paying viewers!? Regardless, I will continue to do what I love best - to tease you... seduce you and entice you into my fantasy world. I love the power of the imagination,  creating anticipation, believing that the brain is our best sex organ... less is often so much more!! Of course, you will see the explicit close ups too but in a classy, sensual 'real' manner. Don't worry, I will be posting some free content too ...after all, it really is all about pleasure for me (yours AND mine!).  Also, please don't stop writing your hot comments too, you have no idea how much they turn me on!  Mmmmm sexy interaction - some of you are gifted with the written word! 

Here I will be uploading some unseen "director's cuts" of my best vids from my old collection, new vids/pics... both solo and ... erm... with a female (as promised) as well as other fun sexy adventures with new playmates (started swinging a while back). Requests/ideas as usual are always the past, many of my vids were inspired by your naughty ideas.

I know this may disappoint some of you but rest assured the nature of what I do remains the same — sensual, classy, erotically charged, experimental, spontaneous and above all "real". My focus will be on quality not quantity.

This is just another chapter of my journey and I appreciate your support. I hope you continue to enjoy ;-)



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Top Comment #1 by: unfetteredlou
2 years ago anxious to support your new endeavors :-)


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1 year ago videos are inspitning and certainly stimulate the mind as well as my other bits :) x

2 years ago

rasha where are you from???

2 years ago anxious to support your new endeavors :-)

2 years ago thought you were leaving again.

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