Talking About: The Bad Acting Videos

[2012-08-27 02:00:55 pm]

This is Dusty Fisher from the Laina Rose profile.  Me and Laina are a real couple, and sometimes the videos we post can be very intimate… We posted a series of videos called Bad Acting Turns to Real Passion, and that’s exactly what happened.  You can find them on our profile, but I wanted to talk a little bit about them.  I was away for a week, working at a job I was doing, and when I came back home I had barely even kissed Laina before we started shooting the video.  The plan was to roleplay, and if you ever get a chance to watch the video you can see how long that lasted.  The first video is subtitled Makeout Session, and it was hot and heavy.  We were both horny after a week of not being with each other, so the action you see is real lust.  Every time we film, its obviously a fun time for us, but Bad Acting Turns to Real Passion stands out to me because I remember being so damn horny and not even touching Laina until the camera was recording.  I hope the videos were fun to watch.  Let us know what you thought about them.

Also, seeing as the topic of this blog is bad acting, we have recently made several videos containing horrible acting.  As always, the sex is real and fun, but the acting is almost comedic.  If anyone has any advice on roleplaying we would be happy to hear it.  I hope to put together some more fun videos containing better acting and fun sex, so we will be working on doing that in the future.  Go check out Naughty Schoolgirl Laina Rose Earns An A+ (3 part set) to see our latest roleplay video.  It was the classic idea of bad girl fucks her teacher to get good grades, and it was great fun to record.  As always, the acting is bad, the sex is real, and its all amateur.  Have fun, add Laina_Rose as a friend to talk to her (or sometimes me) directly.  Subscribe to see our new videos as they come out.


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