still alive and having sex

[2009-07-24 08:34:23 am]

Just letting anyone who still checks up on us that bob and i are indeed still alive, together and having awesome sex which has gotten more and more kinky.

I can't believe it's been a year since we last uploaded a video... we really are lazy. but when we have limited time together we'd rather just enjoy each other's company and have sex without worrying about the camera and having to have masks on... plus bob has a new computer and still hasn't got a converter that works on it. vids we've done for our own private viewing pleasure haven't even made it onto his computer yet.

i'm hoping that sometime soon he'll be able to get a converter and then in a few months time we'll be able to do some more stuff for xtube as we may be living together and therefore have a lot more time to do things like this. fingers crossed!

- kate

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11 months ago

Hope you're back here soon!

6 years ago

great vids bob and kate thank you glad to see you two are so in love and free spirited.  keep up the great work.

6 years ago

If its a converter you need I can get you a good one - just message me

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