can't believe it's been 6 months

[2009-01-24 06:19:21 am]

so it's been ages since we've uploaded a video onto xtube... but hopefully the drought will end soon! bob and i are going away for 3 nights very soon and we plan to video some of the heaps of evil sex we'll have. the place we're staying at is a penthouse with a balcony with its own outdoor spa (as well as having an indoor one!) so we'll definitely be trying out the outdoor spa while having sex.. ;) i'm hoping we'll get that on video but we'll have to see. having sex is more important than trying to film it right, especially since it's been 2 weeks or more since we last had sex.

it's been an enforced drought because bob and i got extremely sore just before new year's after way more sex than our bodies could handle, then had sex a few more times before we'd properly recovered which made it worse. ARGH!!! nothing more frustrating than wanting to have sex and having my horny bob right beside me but being too sore to be able to do anything about it!

but as to new year's, even though we were extremely sore we managed to be having sex on the stroke of midnight. first new yr's sex for both of us :D although unfortunately it couldn't last long because of how sore we were... next time we'll know not to have heaps of sex the weekend right before new year's!!

- kate

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7 years ago

Can't wait...hopefully we'll get to see some of your work. The scene does seem very erotic.

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