[2007-11-13 03:25:33 pm]

Hi guys, well I have done it.  today i finally ordered my own fleshlight. 

 I have been thinking about this for a while and decided to give it a try. 

Does anyone have any tips (pardon the pun).

Let me know you favourite fleshlight stories.

Cheers you beautiful sexy people!!


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3 years ago me up fur help

3 years ago have the stamina. It makes me cum every time.

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6 years ago

Hi there!!

Cool! I have one as well! Actually have one for quite a while, A fleshlight gold, though back than they weren't exclusively made for fleshlight . co . uk. But well I got it in an unusual way, it was very funny actually, maybe I should write something about it. Maybe not ::)


Tips, you might have figured this out yourself but here goes:

Powder it with cornstarch, I haven't done so yet, but the thing is sticky now!

As for cleaning, try cleaning it after each use, and while you possibly use it frequent enough so it will not get dirty due to the remaining moist breeding in the can, yet when that does happen, or threatens to happen, best thing is to avoid it. Use a slim tube or something with holes in it, which you can slide into the insert, use a hair dryer or such, to dry it best way possible. (I haven't tested this out myself but darn, it just sounds like a good idea)

Another idea: get a tube which they use to ship posters in, than you can make your own sexxxtrainer, which is a 90 dollar fleshlight addition, which you can easily make poor man style, that's about it. (I haven't made one yet but I will prolly do it soon)


Big hug!


7 years ago

have a buddy use it first and then you use it sloppy seconds.

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