Just Feel Like Crap

[2007-09-24 08:29:15 am]
Last night I was with a girl that was awesome and kool and all the good stuff. Things became hot and heavy and I thought that finally this would be it and we someone that I had feeling for also not just a fling. Instead she stopped me and said she couldn't do it. When I asked her why she said that it was because she didn't feel any "spark" as she put it when we kissed and that it was getting awkward because she felt like she was kissing a friend. I stopped what I was doing and we ended up talking and I came to find out that she actually had a boyfriend that she hadn't told me about and that she didn't want to cheat on him. She then said that it might be a better idea if she was alone for the night and I left. I am now running on about 2 hours of sleep and feel like shit. Why does this always happen to me ????

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8 years ago

It happens to many people and even worse than what happened to you.

She might not be the girl for you, but there's sure other girls who you like and who may like you as well.

You have to feel better to be able to demostrate that out to others. I really wish you to find your girl and the one who can give you all you want. I really mean this. Cheer up. Laughing

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