[2012-01-02 10:59:39 am]

Hi everyone!


I wanted to write a first blog just saying thank you to everyone for enjoying our pics and videos.  We've only been on Xtube for a few days and almost can't believe we've had over 10,000 views!  Wow!  That's so hot.  Daddy loves sharing me with all of you, and your sweet comments and messages (not to mention some pretty nasty ones, too!) are very much appreciated.


I don't know how many people actually read the blogs on here (there's so much hotness to watch that I'd be surprised many people are in "reading-mode" while they're here) but maybe if I were to write a little description of each video, or set of videos, someone might be interested.  I like the idea of someone watching one of our videos and then reading how things were during that session, or what dirty thoughts were going through my mind, etc.  I guess you would call it erotica.


Drop a message and say hi.  Daddy and I really would like to hear from you.


One thing, I saw something really hot and would love it if some of you would be interested in doing it.  One member posted a sexy picture, then another member printed the picture out and then posted a video of THEM jacking off all over the photo.  Daddy and I liked that a lot.  He wants to see guys cum on my face.  We could even take requests for what kind of pics guys would like to cum on!  Any takers?  :)


Kisses and Hugs (and other stuff, too!)






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3 years ago

I'll paint one of your licking your tits like you are taking the cum off them after I shoot ....interested..

3 years ago

Just made a tribute vid to your face pic......are you still getting off watching them

4 years ago

how about a close up pic of your face- mouth open, tongue hanging out ready for me to shoot my load

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