Looking for feed back on new camming video.

[2013-04-10 05:11:31 pm]

I have 5 of this type of video up varying in length from 6 min to 14 min.  I edit them using a format that fvors the woman I am camming with, I cut between showing her then me, her or both of us on a split screen.

I add a song to fill in the silences.

I'd like some feedback on the format and videos themselves.  This newest video I uploaded 2 days ago and it just finished converting.  I think there was a flood of vids because the conversion took much longer than sual for xtube.  Which means my video never got on the front page, so it have few views, but I think it's hella hot.  The chick in this is stacked.  

Please view and comment or mail me.

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