Interracial Sex videos for world peace

[2010-11-16 04:19:10 am]

In this new millenium I think that it is important to develop good relations amongst the residents of the global village. So, I'm going to do a couple of videos with friends of mine visiting from other nations.

First, I'll do one with my homegirl Yumi from Kobe, Japan. She only listens to Hip-Hop and Dancehall, keeps her body tight, dresses like a model. She' a real down badass chick. So, we will do a little sex tape thing. Hope I can get audio cause she makes a lot of noise.

After that I got a white girl says she wants to take picture sucking my dick. She lives in the states but she's from Kossovo. We'll see if she is bout it. But, she definitely is sexy. Big titties, tight pussy and a dirty mouth.


That's just an update of what to expect on my profile video postings. 



updated 11/16/10 

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Should be hot - do your thing

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