Spermalot movies available for free download. Sorry everone, links are all bad now. See new blog

[2009-03-28 10:04:28 am]

Thought I would put together a list of all my movies and links for free high quality downloads in case anyone is interested. XTube does not seem to like it when I put these links on my videos when I upload them. Anyway, these are mostly already uploaded to XTube, but by the time they get converted, the quality pretty much sucks because I have to compress them so much. And don't even get me started with th50 meg upload limit. Anyway, enjoy and leave me a comment if you like.


Spermalot dick masturbation cumshots and pumping

Spermalot takes it outside - cumshot

Spermalot Cumshot into a clear tube

Spermalot cumshot - 2 camera coverage

Spermalot 4 Cumshots on Brown Sheet

Spermalot cumshot from July 2008 - NEW

Jerking and cumshot in clearboy – May 2007-1

Spermalot cumshot compilation #2 (1-2009)

Spermalot - another cumshot in a clear tube - NEW as of 5/09

Lots of cumshots in the following movies, but they were made for my online female friends, so they have a lot of bare naked lady pics in them. But I do have a lot of cumshots in these.

Spermalot Cumshot for Online Friend

Spermalot – 3 Cumshots on a Mirror

Spermalot cums on DirtySara’s pics

DirtySara Movie pics

A little tribute to Nicole

DaisyGreen cumpilation video

Spermalot Cums on DaisyGreen

Spermalot Cumshot Cumpilation for Cok-Luvr

A few cumshots for JadedLayla2

Spermalot Paints Lovely Layla over and over

Spermalot Cums 4 times for Sexy Diana

Spermalot Cums and Cums all over Lovely Ashley

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