What to Do When he’s ‘Been Bad’…

[2008-01-14 04:20:47 am]

What to Do When he’s ‘Been Bad’…

“Have you been good?” I ask my slave boy. He nods. I know he’s lying. He still hasn’t learned what real submission means, but he will.

I slap his face and then punch him once, not too hard, and order him to lie down on his stomach and prepare for his daily whipping.

He does so eagerly, because he knows the rules of the BDSM game. Instead of using my leather whip, as I normally do, I take out the paddle. This slave needs to understand real domination if he is to become an obedient sub. I start off with an old fashion spanking, thrashing down harder with each blow.

I feel powerful, sexy and mean all at the same time. 

Later, I allow the slave boy to lick my black boots and beg for forgiveness.

“Have you been good?” I ask him. He looks at me and I can see the hunger in his eyes. “I’ve been very bad”, he says, “I deserve another punishment. Perhaps some whipping this time?” he looks up at me with hope.

Maybe he is learning, after all.




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