sex in the kitchen :)

[2007-12-27 11:04:48 am]

Sex in the kitchen – get creative with utensils

Hey every 1

This time I want to tell u about a new fetish that I've just discovered about myself :P [ aw.. I like being naughty]

So last night I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to make me something yummy in the kitchen , I  didn't want to put my clothes on again so I stayed nakedJ

And I just like to say that …

I  just looooove cooking naked,

I found something extremely sensual about working nude , don't u?J

 it was 3 am in the morning  I was so tired...

suddenly I heard a noise, I looked outside from my kitchen window , and I saw someone looking it me I didn't see who was it, I was scared  but curious too , I wondered who it can be so late...

I heard the open slowly ( I forgot to lock! )

quickly I got in to the pantry and watched the door from there.. it was my hot stud young neighbor son !!!:)

I snuck up at him from behind and started pouring syrup down his shirt – I couldn't help myself. He turned around, and after staring me down for a few minutes, lifted me on  the dining table. He took some ice and after teasing me a bit he let it fall down my shirt. Soon we were nude and having sex on the floor with food scattered all around us. He took a spatula and started to spank me. I grabbed the whisk and a spoon trying to defend myself, OH GOD - the truth is I was loving every minute. Next time we're going to bake together! Can you imagine that? We finished our fetish rampage with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Fuck it was unbelievable .

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6 years ago

A piece of advice... Don't fry bacon naked...  That's all I got to say about that!

8 years ago

I would've burned your chest with hot wax and bite you so hard you would cry out my nameLaughing

8 years ago

8 years ago

Yr naighbouring stud should have put two spoon ful of honey on ur tits & sucked yr boobs, believe me U would have enjoyed it & also putting some jam/syrup in his mouth licked yr clits too very uncommon but irrestiable experiance.beisdes he could have twisted yr nipples & puting his 2 fingers in yr pushy touched & try to take out yr gstring point. No sooner U reached climax for fucking then he should have put his hot bar inside U slowly pushing the rod to the hilt then started jumping like a frog & yr reciprocal movement from below would have given unexperianced pleasure. Pushing hard objects in the pushy may damge yr pushy walls & may puncture yr soft tissue inside.If U R really keen then better push unripe banana  cuncumber & carrtot but  make them smooth as far as posible also put some castor oil like viscuous liquid to really have a cool feeling.Just if U really like the idea contact on the web site on Inbox shirish123 & personally meet to get better idea & much more exhilarating experiance. Hope I shall not disappoint U. U may seek more & more of my Hot stud. Response from yr end shall be deeply appreciate. Thanks --shirish123

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