Me - Part Two - Secluded and Groped

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My life has not always been as happy and harmonious as it is now. Almost symbolic of who I was destined to be, I begun to sprout breasts at a very early age. At school, I was subjected to a lot of cruelty not only boys, who used to pick on me to ridicule how I looked, but also girls who gave me a very hard time and made me feel uncomfortable. Here I was, tinier than tiny, but popping out in two quite distinct regions. All of the bullying I received, gradually began to take an effect on me. I used to hate my breasts, cry myself to sleep at nights and gradually, looking back now, I was becoming a tomboy. I'd cut my hair short like a boy and did all that I could to conceal nature's endowment. I have no doubt whatsoever that at this point I was on the way to becoming a lesbian, or worse, I hated boys for all the embarrassment they caused me in front of everybody else and I didn't have a single girlfriend that liked me. I was simply alone. I was a loner with tits that nobody wanted to know or befriend. Fortunately for me, nobody got to see the pubic hair that was shooting out all over my pussy as well. I was tiny and weak and allowed to abstain from physical education on account of my frailty. I think that some of the worst experiences were having my nipples pinched by boys as they laughed hysterically at me if there was no teacher in the room at the time. I used to cry and frequently get into fights with boys, which I always lost, while the rest of the class roared with laughter.


Then one day my life changed forever.


I always sat and had lunch alone as nobody from my class wanted to have anything to do with me. I was a freak with tits. Then one day a boy who was three years senior to myself sat down at my table and said,




I stared at him blankly and didn't even bother to respond to him, after a while I remember looking down at my food and thinking if he grabs my nipples he'll walk away wearing my lunch. I was trembling and ready to fulfill my promise just as soon as he laid hand on me. But it never happened. He asked me,


"what's wrong"


I didn't answer him, I didn't know what to say. I remained silent busying myself cramming more and more food down myself as I began to get more and more nervous about what I knew was coming next and how I would respond. Was this to be an escalation of my total misery from freak and laughing stock of the beginning of lessons to the dining hall total amusement. I couldn't help but think of what was going to happen next, was I going to get into a fight with the whole school watching ? It didn't come. He asked me again,


"Hey, what's wrong with you"


Finally, I was able to answer,




"So you can speak then" he said.


I may have looked funny at 4 foot nothing with tits poking out of me but I had already decided that I was not going to be anybody's joke laying down. I pushed my unfinished lunch towards him, got up and walked away. He jumped up, put his hand on my shoulder and spun me around like a rag doll !


I remember glaring at him and said,




"Wow, you're like a wildcat, who upset you today" he said,


"Nobody" I responded.


He replied,


"Look, I've seen you around, I live near you, I think you're cute, that's all, I'm not going to do anything to you, I just wanted to say that I thought you were cute, listen, you can catch me in Central shopping center, after school, I'd like to see you, you didn't finish your lunch, we can have something to eat"


I said nothing and walked away. I couldn't get him off my mind for the rest of the day, probably because he hadn't tried to grab my tits !


Needless to say, I met him later just as he said at the shopping center. He was with three other boys that all seemed to be as old as he was.


These boys were different, nobody was making fun of me anymore, in fact if anything I got my first real taste of what being the centre of attention meant for all of the right reasons. I was beginning to feel tired from all of the questions that they were asking me and yet I was enjoying myself. As one thing leads to another and another and sometimes another, I found myself back at the house of one of the boys, whose parents were out, we were in the bedroom, the boys were all smoking cigarettes and I was laying on the bed. The original boy who I had met in the dining room put his hand on my breast and much to my amazement squeezed it gently a few times and then left his hand exactly there. This was a new sensation and I liked it. I felt very comfortable with his hand on my breast. Another boy came and put his hand on my leg, then the other two joined us on the bed. The boy with his hand on my breast opened two buttons of my shirt and slipped his hand underneath making its way back up to my breast where he let it sit. This felt nice I like this. A third boy had joined the second boy with his hand on my leg just resting on my thigh. Everybody seemed to stop there for what seemed like an age, I think now to wait and see if I was going to scream the neighbourhood down.


I remained silent.


The hand on top of my bra lifted my bra over my breast and came to rest gently squeezing my breast, while with the obvious green light I was emitting the two hands on my thigh slowly made their way up. Space was tight ! The fourth boy with other ideas, slipped his hand down the front of my skirt. It didn't stop there. His hand overshot the runway and had to reverse back up the front of my panties before locating the elastic lifting it gently and sliding his hand into my panties.


It felt wonderful.


So wonderful that I opened my legs to make myself more available. At which point kissing commenced. The boys took turns in kissing me while their hands roved and roamed all over my body.


I went home that night in a state of euphoria !!


It was well known that the prettiest girls from senior grades were all taken to private and secluded places by groups of boys for kissing, touching and groping. These sessions were public knowledge throughout the school with almost daily bulletins on who was touching who and who was being groped by who.


I didn't have sex at any of these group groping sessions and as far as I know none of the other girls had sex. We just hung out with boys and allowed ourselves to be touched, kissed and fingered.


As word spread that I was being group groped along with the best girls in the school, the ridicule and humiliation that had become a way of life for me suddenly and abruptly stopped.


To this day I cannot reason why.


At the time, I didn't care, all that I knew was that I loved every moment of all of those hands all over me. These touching sessions happened about once or twice a week, sometimes inside a house and at other times in secluded places outside, where nobody went. From time to time new boys would join the group, the numbers of boys touching me would rise and fall, but I welcomed as many as 7 boys on one occassion.


These groping and kissing sessions went on for almost a year, they were heaven, I loved every single one of them. It's a beautiful feeling to have so many probing and hungry hands on your body at the same time.


During this time, I never saw a penis, I never touched one and I remained dressed at all times. Remarkably, I was never once naked, little did they know, that if they had tried to undress me I would have offered zero resistance.


Then one day I went to a party, got drunk and was never groped again.    


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4 years ago


 No, at this time, I had no experience with alcohol at all. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to comment on my blog. I do hope others will too, I'm really pleased you enjoyed reading, lots more to come, so I hope you'll come back.


Love ZuZa XXX

4 years ago

Thats funny! So you werent groped because you got drunk and made a total ass of yourself?! I'll say thats happened to me before, but funny thing is, I didnt cease to get attention from girls. It might have been my dont give a fuck attitude and spontanaity that drew there attention and kept them coming back. I dont know, but I really enjoyed your story!)

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