Where's the most unusual place you've dumped a load?

[2008-05-31 10:21:12 am]

I used to get my hair cut by this really beautiful girl at the local family hair place.  Well, one day she was looking really hot in the summer: lowcut top, hair long and curly, just fuckin smokin.  So I sit in the chair to have my hair cut and as she's working i'm watching her in the mirror.  She's got the huge drape over me and she can't tell what i'm doing, so I start stroking my cock through the pocket in my track pants.  Just slowly, really just workin the head.  It felt so good, and the sight was hot.  All these people around and no one knew.  I shot my load in my boxers as she was askin me if i liked my haircut and i just said, MMMMMMMM  HMMMMMMMM.   

I always go to her for haircuts. 

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7 years ago

I worked part time in an adult book store.  It had a high counter that was set up on a platform so you could see out over the whole store.  One night a young guy came in and went over to the bi section.  He caught me looking at him a few times.  Then a group of G.I.s came in and I got busy helping them.  I didn't notice the the kid had come behind the counter until he was right beside me.  I was startled as he started undoing my pants, but I tried not to let it show to the other customers.  He got under the counter in front of me and started giving me head.  I didn't last long and it was impossible to keep a straight face as he swallowed my load.  A couple days later two of the soldiers came in. One asked what was going on the other night and I told him.  They laughed and told me if I swing that way, they had a buddy I needed to meet.  I did.

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