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[2007-01-18 06:46:47 am]

I am the original Mr. Creamjeans (accept no imitations). I've been running sites and message boards devoted to cumming inside pants, shorts, jeans, undies, jocks, speedos, you-name-it, for nearly 20 years. I've written lots and lots of stories on the subject, nearly all of which are on my site ( My site has always been free, with no banners, pop-ups, AVS, or other annoying BS. There's a message forum, a chat room, original and web photos, original and web stories, and exclusive sound files. If you're into this kind of thing, I hope you'll visit. If you're not into this, thanks for reading this and have a wonderful life.

 In future installments, I'll talk about how I got into this stuff!

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