Confessions of a born contrarian

[2007-04-05 02:33:32 am]

I had lots of fun making my vids, but somehow I didn't think there'll be so much feedback. Man, was I wrong. The responses are split 50/50, with the majority of supportive and interested comments ending up in my inbox. I really hate to use the "people agree with me privately!" excuse... it didn't hold any water on Usenet and it doesn't work here either. 


But I'm quite pleased with the responses. Even the pissy "omfg is dat a dude or a gal?!" ones, I'm not a nice person and I like to think viewing my vids ruined the bigots' day. It's their problem if they can't appreciate what I got. I'm just happy to have the opportunity to maybe educate people about what some FTMs enjoy and look like.

 And, well.  I'm just enough of a mean mofo to laugh at each and every cry of "omg gross!". Know what some straight people say when they see two guys kissing? "omg gross!"


Anyway, there will be more vids and photos, if only to piss off the haters. Or give me ideas to work with, you guys. I don't do bonus hole penetration, but if you'd like to see me do something other than just jerking off, let me know and I'll consider it.

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6 years ago

DUDE!!! Are you from Toronto? If you are then, lets chill... If you are not, then lets chat... Either way, lets be friends...

And don't ignore me dude... I like a cynic when i find one...

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