List of My Vids with Partners/Misc Vids

[2009-12-06 12:56:51 pm]

Hi guys!! I've decided to catalog and organize the links of all my vids from 2009 into four blogs for easy access if you're into a specific thing...

The 4 blogs are:  Partners/Misc Vids, BDSM/Fetish, Boobs and Masturbation

Hope you guys enjoy and if you leave a comment, send me a PM and let me know...I don't get email notification for comments :(

Much love my dears...2009 has been a fucking BLAST. 



the Lumberjack's fingers make me cum hard: (partner)



Harlot Gives Head: (blow job)



Houseboy's First Paddle: (houseboy)


Partial Nut Job: (blow job)


cock Sucking Slut with Cum Shot: (blow job)


Houseboy Paddle with Spoon: (houseboy)


PlayfulHeather and AlphaHarlot Dyke Out: (lesbian)


BBW Lesbian Squirting: (Partner, Lesbian)


Houseboy Ass Fuck: (houseboy)



Slaveboy Foot Worship: (houseboy)


Fisting the Harlot






Flashing While Driving: (Misc)


BBW moonlit Strip: (Misc)


Sexy Outside: PRIVATE


Reading Wetlands by Charlotte Roche: PRIVATE


Lovely: (forum related fun)


Grey Starr-Grey Honey Remix: PRIVATE


BBW Pirate: (sexy clothes)


Short Slow Strip: (Misc)


Teasing On my Bed: (Misc)


Getting Dressed for Halloween: (sexy clothes)


Basement BBW Pole Dance: (Misc)


And then She took my clothes off: (sexy clothes)

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