[2007-03-01 08:43:20 am]
Justy got back from the gym, as usual no one spoke to me, miserable sods.
Deed see a couple of hot dudes working out, and in the changing room saw the most beatifual balls and cock. I had jsut entered the changing room from working out and this guys was changing to go for a swim, looked about 19 or 20, great body, his top was already off and as I stared he removed his shorts. Just perfect, I was about 3 feet away from him and just stared, he obviously knew I was looking but he was in no hurry to put on his swim trunks. He was very smooth, obviously shaved his pub, nice big balls and a perfect cock hanging down. he put the trunks on and went off for a swim.
Hope I see him there again

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