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I was travelling cross-country the other day, and came upon a 24 hour XXX Adult bookstore near a truck stop.

Naturally, I stopped in.

It was one of those modern places, with no video booths, just sexy lingerie, dildos, and lots of videos. Nothing wrong with that, but not a place to suck cock. I was a little disappointed.

I was intrigued by one feature of the place - a bulletin board for messages. The place was way out in the country and such rural places rarely have easy ways to meet other men for casual sex, relationships, or whatever. So they set up this bulletin board for men to post messages. Sort of a primitive internet.

Curious, I went over to the bulletin board. There were 3x5 cards tacked to the board, each with a message and a 'box number' to respond. Like the OP website, users could post messages and rent a mailbox, for a small monthly fee. And like OP, a lot of the messages were typical stuff. "Black cock wanted," "Older man seeks smooth younger men, Asian a plus," "Fishing Buddy Wanted."

Fishing Buddy? OK, I've never seen THAT on OP! I looked at the card. It read:


MWM seeks Fishing buddy. Must be 18-35, MWM in good shape. Looks not important. Must suck cock and have a bass boat. Send picture...of bass boat.

OK, that last part is an old joke. But it intrigued me that someone was setting up a convenient friendship this way. Many wives indulge their husband's appetites for fishing, bowling, or other hobbies. I wonder how many never know what really goes on.

In a way, it is a perfect setup. Get away from the wife and kids, get a blowjob, and get some good fishin' in! Life could be a whole lot worse, I guess.

I started thinking about other arrangements straight men I knew had. I remember a friend's "DEER CAMP" out in the woods. They went there for hunting, and of course, no wimmin were allowed! No wonder these guys get anxious at the start of deer season!

Hemmingway was sort of like that. Always leaving the wife and Bumby behind to go off in the woods with a gaggle of younger men for some manly pursuits. I have a book about him, "Hemmingway: A Life Without Consequences". In the hardcover edition, the front flyleaf has a picture of him with his college buddies, all their preppy suits. The back flyleaf is a spread of him with his bullfighter friends all having a picnic in the woods.


Yea, I guess a lot of straight guys do that. Go off with your buds for naked picnics.

If you read "A Movable Feast" you'll know that more than one of his bullfighter friends was gay. I mean he says so right in the book. You do the math.

I wonder what his "FISHING BUDDY" ad would look like?


Twice divorced MWM, older, manic-depressive, alcoholic, seeks younger men for boat trips in the Carribean, Cuba, and Key West. Must be an able deck hand and able to hold their liquor. Also needed for drunken meanders around Spain in an old Lancia, and hunting trips to Africa and Idaho. Prefer younger slim, hairless men, but not with a dick as small as Fitzgerald's. Discretion a must! Contact OLDMAN&SEA at ALT.COM

* * *

Hemingway: A Life Without Consequences
by James R. Mellow
Paperback: 704 pages
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company; New Ed edition (October 1993)
Language: English
ISBN: 0201626209

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