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[2007-06-21 12:14:05 am]

Okay, there are a number of really cute young guys on my site and even I am surprized that they chose me for a friend.  I volunteer at our community center in the library and in the past with the youth group.  I became known as Aunt Scott mostly because of my long hair but also because I do mother's guilt really well!  lol

Well, anyway I'm starting this blog just like I would talk to the youth at our center.  The guys and some gals know they can ask Aunt Scott anything because I'm open minded and sometimes blow their minds open too.  Translation is that I'm good for a laugh due to my sense of humor and since I work the library I'll always try to give an answer no matter the question or look it up.  I am no wikipeadia but I try.Smile

This blog is my gift to you!  SOooo feel free to ask Aunt Scott anything and I'll honestly try to answer the questions you have or maybe someone will chime in to help as well,  Know that you can "pm" me if you want a more private answer but let's have some global fun and see what is on your minds in this great big sexual community of xtube,,, anyone? Anyone?  Anyone?


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8 years ago

hehe scott is cute!! :D xx

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