slave for (public) humiliation and control - cam and chat (also groups)

[2013-10-18 12:28:38 pm]

ID on yahoo or skype: subslaveGER         I am a submissive slave that is open to always try new things.

For more than one week my cock ist locked in a chastity-cage.

I like in a big city in western Germany, not far from train station und centrum, but also with a big park and a mall only a few meters away.

Things that turn me on (if I could get hard, I would, but the cage stops that) are:
- humiliation
- control
- (semi-)public
- body-writing
- webcam, film or pic
- piss
- chastity
- clothes (underwear, normal clothes, maybe diapers)
- toys (have here a lot)

Would be great to get some hot ideas.

--> please understand, that i will only go on cam with Masters that attract me <--

If you want to know more, please ask me here, write a PM or contact me on one of the messengers (Skype, snapchat, yahoo, kik)

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