5 days edging - any video requests? socks/trainers/shorts etc

[2013-01-26 12:25:55 pm]

It's 5 days since I last shot a load, and I'm looking to make a new video in the next couple of days. Maybe tonight, or I might save up for another day or two. See how long I can go until I can't hold it in any longer...

Any requests from anyone? I've got a few things lined up to get me nice and horny (I'm especially looking forward to playing with my really hot friend's worn socks) but if anyone would really get off on seeing me dump 5 days worth of cum (or maybe more!) onto something, let me know. I'm thinking of wearing my favourite red tracksuit bottoms, some brand new white football socks (last season's, but who cares?), and maybe the Nikes you can see in my profile picture. But if you've got any suggestions, send a message and let me know ;-)

Even better, if anyone's in Liverpool and wants to come and help me out you'd be more than welcome!

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