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[2013-01-09 12:03:10 am]

Hope all is well.  The bad news is I have to redo my video at the porn theater (the lighting for me anyway is either way too dark and or way too bright in certain areas causing that annoying bright "glare").  However, I'm going to re-film myself in a booth again and I may have an acquaintance/friend join me for some additional motivation.   I just have to give him/her a "heads-up" as far as the XTube policies are concerned (a.k.a. the contract) but for now (only time will tell), either the man or the woman will join me in the booth to enhance the "viewing" experience.  If not, I'm bring my vibrator for some additional motivation on my own.  As always, hugs and kisses and I wish everybody nothing but the best.  Enjoy the videos for now (type lysist496 in the search) and I will hopefully see everybody in my cam room on Friday and Saturday (but every once in a while I'm known for stopping by here in my web cam room every once in awhile during the week).

Danny Slade (lysist496)

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