[2012-10-09 03:27:37 am]

Love to get fisted but I'm so trying to get my ring that enters the colon area to open up so I can get an entire arm inside my hole!!!   Yeah it's like that people!!!  Maybe once achieve then i stop all together... NOT!!!  Love the feeling of getting a hand deep , DEEP inside me!!  i have taken 3/4 of an forearm and want that last 1/4, meaning elbow deep!!!  Who has done this and has info about this venture that I'm on to be elbow deep (my hole that is)?!!!   i love playing with my big toys and I think I have already the answer to that but I want to hear from you people your input, data, words...whatever!!!  Love to see and soon would love to participate!!!   

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2 years ago

Believe me. I don't know about elbow deep but I want to know how it feels to have a hand up my hole. I know from the dildos the sensation is different and better than fucking. I can only guss that a hand would be even better. Peace to ya dude. I have been watching you for a long time. 

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