january 19th

[2007-01-20 05:37:13 pm]
me and bf had buddy ronnie over last night we smoked coked and then heavy oral 4 2 hours, he left early so we went to ejs lots of hung strippers showing it all, saw a black guy while doing a walk round and he said follow me upstairs, so i went up and he sat down at a table and pulled his large  thick sausage of a cock out a pushed my head into his lap.  that thing grew even bigger in my mouth and tasted good i sucked till some people started to come near a then pulled off, he reinserted when they left.  he said pull down your pants when i did he wet his finger a stuck it in my ass, he wanted to fuck me but i was with the bf.  he left and me and the bf picked up a 23 year old named damian,  came home and did some more sucking, he had a lot of foreskin,  when i dropped him off he said pull over in a parking lot,  he opened his pants and i sucked his cock some more while jerking mine he liked what he saw and returned the favor. we got in the back seat naked and he jacked off while sucking my toes and shot all over  himself, i kissed his dripping dick then tongued his mouth and asked if he liked his taste in my mouth, then took him the rest of the way home

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