Talk Dirty to Me While I Finger My Pussy

[2010-11-27 10:05:29 am]
It's been 3 weeks since I've had a dick in my pussy,4 days since I've sucked one off and I'm feeling so horny and nasty. Hit me up and tell me all the dirty things you wanna do with me.  Maybe I'll spread my pussy for you on cam if you say the right things! 

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4 years ago

theres so many nasty things id do to u. first off id love to wank your pants off and pull your panties to the side then start licking your moist pussy until it gets dripping wet and begs to cum. then id start to finger it and lick the clit at the same tim euntil u came in my mouth. then id roll u over so your on all 4s and shove my big dick in that tight pussy. id start to fuck u slowly at first and start to go faster and faster until im fucking u so hard n fast that my balls are smacking ur clit with every trust sending sensations through ur whole body. after i made u cum over and over again id take my dick out and slowly rub it on ur asshole up and down then start to push the head of it in your ass real slow at first then shoving it all the way in all at once. id start to fuck ur ass real nice and deep making my balls smack ur pussy every time i pump that nice tight ass. while im fucking ur ass id reach around and under ur and start to play with ur clit until u cant take it anymore and cum everywhere. im gettin closer to cummin and ask u where u want it u tel me anyway i want to shoot it so i roll u over and push your nice soft tits together and start to tit fuck u while u suck on the head of my throbing dick u can feel how hard its gettin and u start to play with ur pussy while i fuck your tits n mouth. i start to fuck your tits faster while ur suckin on the head and u start to finger ur pussy faster u can tell that im almost there by the way my cock is swelling up and how my balls are tightening. all of a sudden i squeeze on your tits real hard and start to shoot my warm load into ur mouth as i let a moan. i thought that was the end of it but ur so nasty that u spit the hot milky cum into ur hand and start to rub it all over ur pussy and make urself cum one last time with my cum and ur fingers.


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