Sybian Squirting and Multiple Orgasms!

Sybian Squirting and Multiple Orgasms!
Description: In my first Sybian video, I was just getting used to sitting on the saddle and feeling the deep vibrations that it provides, which feel just awesome. I only used the flat top attachment with no insert for your pussy. In this video, I used the attachment with the medium insert. To my sheer delight, this thing was able to get me off almost as fast as I can say my name...LOL! I was riding for only a short time, and my pussy became almost immediately engorged. My clit felt so swollen and sensative, and I could feel my g-spot swelling with the heightened anticipation of a much needed release of the built-up ejaculate. I tried to hold back, because the damn vibrations felt sooo good. My clit was now throbbing from resting it directly on the nubs of the attachment, but I continued to ride the dildo. Then, all of a sudden, a wave of pleasure hit me that made it unstoppable for me to not let go of a delicious squirt and gush of ejaculate. The waves of pleasure this machine gives are just unbelievable! I can't wait to use the rotation part of this thing...I may soak the room! There is even more footage of me releasing with my trusty g-spot vibes. You can see how wet the linens get from squirting and gushing...this is probably our wettest video yet! Don't miss this one!
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Added: 6 years
Amateur Name: WetCumCouple
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