Sybian Virgin!

Sybian Virgin!
Description: Well, after seeing a few videos with a Sybian, I just had to take one for a spin. The feeling is very different and the sensations are very deep. This first video is my virgin ride, so it takes some getting used to. By the time my legs were getting tingly, my whole vulva was engorged, and my g-spot was soooo full of fluid I just knew I needed to squirt! I laid back and let my hubby get me off the rest of the way with my trusty g-spot vibe, and I really let loose with two nice gushes! It felt amazing. He couldn't take just watching any more, so I rode him until he had his own nice orgasm! I can't wait for my next ride....
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Tags:  cock    cum    squirt    pussy    wet    juicy    ejaculation    labia    bush    sybian    vulva    g-spot  
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Added: 6 years
Amateur Name: WetCumCouple
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