You will cum 3 times in 5 minutes

You will cum 3 times in 5 minutes
Description: Jordan makes a pretty bold statement here. She tells you that she can make you cum 3 times in 5 minutes. Now we don't make any guarantees mind you because it all depends on how you get into her. She will certainly drive you insane by what she won't do for you. She is a brutal cockteaser here just show you bits and pieces of her hot body. She teases you with her huge tits and her perfect ass and pussy and tells you to jerk it. Your cock its hard as a rock at this cockteasing bitch and her evil ways to ******you to jerk to her and she demands your cum not once but 3 fucking times!
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Tags:  masturbation    jerkoff    blondes    cocktease    instruction  
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Added: 6 years
Amateur Name: laneyvideo
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