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Blonde Girl Torrey Creampied by Asian Guy
Description: Torrey looked gorgeous in her Victorian costume. I opened her top and sucked on the blonde girl's nipples. I played with her pussy and fingered her clit. She got really turned on, she pulled my shorts down, and started sucking my cock. Torrey then climbed on top and rode me hard on the couch. Her pussy was really tight, I almost came within minutes! That would have been very embarrassing so I fucked her in different positions to last longer. During doggy style her pussy became very slippery and I could feel her pussy spasmed around my Asian cock when she came. I just couldn't hold it any longer, she felt so good. I turned her around, banged her missionary style until I came, and squirted my sperms inside the American girl's pussy.
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Categories:  Interracial    Asian    Amateur  
Added: 3 years ago by asianmanwhitegirls
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Blonde girl Julie creampied by Asian guy
Description: After Julie finished sucking my cock, she huddled up with me under the blanket and we read comics the bed. I couldn't believe I was reading comics with a naked American girl! Soon she started playing and sucking my dick again. Even though my cock was still sore from cumming in her mouth, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I licked and fingered her pussy until she came. Her pussy got really wet :) I spreaded her legs open and fucked the blonde girl on the couch. I turned her around and took her from behind. It was really hot watching this curvaceous white girl bending over and moaning as she was being fucked by Asian cock. I came inside her. It was one of the longest orgasm I ever had (I heard second orgasms were always better). My cock kept twitching and spurting white cum inside the blonde's pussy. Julie turned around and showed my Asian cum came frothing out of her white pussy. She naughtily asked me to give her a copy of the video. It always turns me on thinking the blonde girl's masturbating while watching herself being fucked and creampied by an Asian guy.
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Categories:  Teens    Interracial    Amateur  
Added: 3 years ago by asianmanwhitegirls
Length: 11 :34 | Viewed: 55450 | Comments: 1
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Cumming Inside Blonde Girl's Mouth
Description: I went to a bookstore and saw a cute blonde girl at the graphic novels isle. I started a conversation with her and we really had fun talking about manga and anime series. So I bought her a cup of coffee from Starbucks next door. We started talking about adult manga. I told her that it's funny how anime drawings could be very sexy. Julie was a big anime fan and I guess it kind of turned her on. I asked her if she wanted to hang out at my place and she said yes! Back at my hotel room, we chatted a little bit more and Julie started kissing me. I felt so lucky! Thank you Japanese manga! The blonde girl took her all of her clothes off and started sucking my cock. She said she loved Asian sperm and asked me to cum inside her mouth. I spurted my Asian cum inside her mouth and she naughtily played with my cum for the camera. WWW.AMWFSEX.COM
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Categories:  Teens    Interracial    Blowjob  
Added: 3 years ago by asianmanwhitegirls
Length: 05 :26 | Viewed: 64081 | Comments: 5
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