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One night stand
One night, we picked this guy at a bar for three some. When we went home, we asked him to take our pictures to turn him on...
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Added: 5 years ago by CaseyAlyssa
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Mischievous friend's brother taking picture of my naked ass
I went to my friend's house to go clubbing at night. While waiting for her to get ready, I wanted to take picture of me in my new red gown so I asked her brother to take picture for me. He got so horny and asked me to take the gown off also....
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Added: 5 years ago by CaseyAlyssa
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Horny dance instructor caught students in the act
Casey and I went to our pole dancing lesson. When the instructor went outside to talk on the phone, we started to play with each other till the point we couldn't hold off anymore. The instructor came back right when we were naked fingering each other. He demanded to take our pictures or he would kick us out of the studio...
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Added: 5 years ago by CaseyAlyssa
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Feeling Horny at a friend's house
I dropped by a friend's house and while she was gone for a while, I felt so horny that I had to masterbate. Her boyfriend accidently stepped into the room and caught me in the act. He mischeviously used a camera and took my pics for later *************..
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Added: 5 years ago by CaseyAlyssa
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