Amateur Payment Program

The Amateur Payment Program explains how we share the revenue generated from movies, pictures, and webcamming. There are different percentages that we use to determine how much revenue any amateur will receive. Here is a rundown of all the percentages that amateur earnings are subject to:

a. 50% of all revenue* generated from the sale, after a 15% credit card processing fee**, of streaming, Flash Video, Photo and other new and emerging technology encoded CONTENT through THE COMPANY's Internet site.
b. 50% of all revenue generated from the sale, after a 15% credit card processing fee and a 10% Promotion Fee***, of Live Flash Webcam Chat.

Payment of compensation to THE AMATEUR MODEL by THE COMPANY will be made twenty (20) days post period completion. Each month consists of two (2) pay periods, from the first (1st) to fifteenth (15th) and from the sixteenth (16th) to end (28th/29th/30th or 31st). When a period closes on a weekend or holiday expect delays.

Pay Period One will be mailed on the 20th of the following month, and Pay Period Two will be mailed on the 5th of the following month. Please note: you will only be sent a check if your account has accrued the minimum payout of $50.00. Should this amount not be met it will remain in your account and carried over until the minimum is reached. Checks are processed before online payments (Check, Wire Transfers and Payoneer).

To illustrate what an amateur can earn selling photos, movies, and regularly webcamming XTube, we have provided you with a payment calculator to make your life easier.

If you still have any questions, please refer to the definitions below or e-mail us:

Regular Amateurs

Input amount: Process fee(15%): $0.00 Revenue: $0.00 Payout(50%): $0.00

Webcam Amateurs

Input amount: Process fee(15%): $0.00 Promotion fee(10%): $0.00 Revenue: $0.00 Payout(50%): $0.00

  • * Revenue is defined as all the monies earned from a sale. This does not include any taxes, tariffs, or fees. Simply put revenue is money that is in our hands at the end of the day. Revenue does not refer to money we have not earned.
  • ** Credit Card Processing Fee is defined as the money that is automatically deducted from all purchases on XTube. Simply put, it is money that we are charged, in order to sell your product.
  • *** Promotion Fee is defined as the cost of marketing amateurs. This cost is automatically deducted when movies or photos are purchased. It refers to bonus money awarded to users on. The promotion fee is not built in to the cost of marketing and promoting our Webcam models and will be deducted every two weeks. If the amount earned on WEBCAM is greater than $1000.00, this fee is waived.