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I am 30 yo submissive male who seeks nothing more than to become your personal pet and slave. I live in the Lakeview, Chicago area but am willing to travel for the right person. I stand a little under 6ft tall, have brown eyes and hair, tan skin, 6.5 - 7inches, muscular to average build and extremely serious about meeting people to explore the unlimited possibilities of D/s.rnrnBDSM has captivated me for the better part of my life and my destiny is to serve. I gain pleasure by giving whatever you desire of me. I am extremely imaginative and will generally try anything once. There are very few things I will not do and I cannot wait to be your toy. Being dominated and learning how to truly submit myself is not just a fantasy but more of a life goal. I feel incomplete without having someone to make me theirs, their toy, pet, whipping boy, servant, and perhaps lover.rnrnI have been fortunate to have real time experiences as both a submissive and a dominant. Although I feel that I am a true submissive by nature, I do enjoy switching roles on occasion. The exchange of power is what I find to be truly *************and the intensity that only a true D/s relationship can provide.rnrnMy interests are many in number and include bondage, domination, submission, s&m, roleplaying, lead and collar, latex, leather, *****heels, lingerie, nipple ******** body worship, sensory deprivation, corporal punishment, cbt, *******fem, anal play, exhibition, orgasm denial, pony play, domestic servitude, foot fetishes, facesitting, and the list goes on and on. I am willing to explore things I have not yet tried as long as they are safe and sane and I have very few limits.rnrnYou can tie me up and beat me. Dress me up in lingerie and have me serve your friends drinks while you chat. Make me kneel and lick you from head to toe. Insert anal beads in my ass and make me walk around town all day and hold your bags as you shop. Make me bathe you, shave you, dry your hair, do your nails, dress you, and pamper you. Stroke my cock and forbid me to cum. Make me eat your pussy while you whip my ass. Forbid me from masturbating and punish me if I do. Have me clean your house in the nude. Put a leash on me and treat as your pet. Make me buy you toys, fetish gear, and other gifts. Bind me so tight that I can't move. Use my body and mind as you desire. These are just a few of the many things you may or may not want to do with me. That is all up to you and I shall serve you as you please. I consider myself a piece of clay to be molded to your liking. Your guidance, control and training shall truly be cherished and not taken for granted.


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Caged in CB 3000 chastity belt and *******to ride a plug More >

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