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I am a real cool laid back plus size woman and I'm always horny. I enjoy sex and making myself cum. I love watching amateur homemade porn. I'm here to have fun and explore my naughty side and thought why not in front of you :) I DO NOT Skype...ooVoo or exchange emails. So PLEASE do not bombard me with messages asking :)


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Big tits More >
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Big Ebony Boobs

I would love to have a nice big cock buried in between my big boobs. To have my dark nipples licked and sucked on. Tugging,pinching, playing with m... More >

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Afternoon Playtime

Slow chill afternoon home alone and so very horny. I decided it was playtime to help relax myself even more. Rubbing my thick body with oil after I... More >

Length: 11:21 | Viewed: 8095 | Comments: 2

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Fingering and Clit Play

woke up this morning very horny and before getting my day started i decided to finger my pussy hole and play with my clit until i cum real good More >

Length: 5:10 | Viewed: 6606 | Comments: 2

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Satisfying Climax

slow strokin' my slippery pussy hole with my dildo while rubbing my clit until I have a very satisfying climax More >

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Booty Cheeks

My fat booty cheeks More >
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Boobs & Pussy Play

so horny, squeezing and pinching my nipples and playing with my pussy More >

Length: 4:57 | Viewed: | Comments: 10


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BBW Booty & Dildo

savoring the way my dildo feels in my fat pussy More >

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BBW Quickie

thought i would satisfy myself with a morning quickie before i got the day started, playing with my fat pussy and clit till i cum More >

Length: 4:50 | Viewed: 10677 | Comments: 3

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Thick Juicy Booty

not only do i cum once, but twice, my thick and juicy booty, riding my dildo till i cum hard then after that I turn around rubbing my clit till I c... More >

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Top Comment #1 by: BlackCockBrutality
4 months ago

Its morning. Youre in the kitchen. Your bathrobe hanging gently upon your naked body. I quietly walk up behind you, firmly grasping your shoulders in my hands. I softly kiss the side of your neck. My tongue flicks your left ear lobe. I spin you around, facing me. Taking your hands, I place them behind your back. My right hand clasps both your wrists, keeping them there. My left hand strokes your cheek. I push my hips into yours. Slowly forcing you backward. All the while gazing into your eyes. I back you against the kitchen table. Pushing you on it with my body. Your hands are trapped under you. The small of your back holding them in place. My hips between your thighs, I open your robe. The cool morning air shows on your nipples. I caress your cheeks lightly. Moving my hands slowly along your neck, over your shoulders, continuing to the sides of your breasts. mmm, so soft. Your chest heaves as you breathe. Slowly caressing only the sides of your breasts. Your nipples grow and ache as I circle around them. Softly, lightly. Never touching them. My hands, moving downward. Slow. Deliberate. Upon your stomach. (I feel it tighten). To your hips, I caress. Squeezing firmly. Rubbing your outer thighs. I pull them against my waist. I feel the warmth of your womanhood. I lean over you and lick behind your left ear lobe. Taking it gently into my warm mouth. Licking behind your ear. Wetly kissing your neck. Kissing the front of your neck. Slowly, wetly, down to your chest. My hands return to the sides of your breasts. I kiss between them. Pushing my weight on you, I squeeze them together against my face. Licking wetly between them. My weight forces your back onto your hands heavily. Reminding you whos in charge. My tongue circles your right nipple. Around and around - never touching it. My hot breath makes it tingle. My hands still squeezing your breasts firmly. Holding them in place. My tongue glides wetly down your stomach. I circle your navel. Never stopping. Licking to your right inner t***** My hands slide to your hips. Cupping the sides of your ass cheeks. Dragging my tongue, I shift to your left inner t***** Brushing my mouth ever so lightly across your throbbing pussy lips. Barely touching them, but my breath is felt as I begin kissing and licking higher on your left t***** I place both thighs on my shoulders. Your hands are pinned firmer as your weight is shifted to your back. My hands caressing up and down your thighs, my mouth moves closer. I can feel the burning heat of your passion. My breath is hotter as I kiss right next to your now swollen lips. Teasing alongside them. Breathing hotly, my mouth hovers over your clit. I watch it grow harder and firmer. Just like I am. I stand. Grabbing you by the waist, I throw you over my right shoulder. The bathrobe remains on the table. I carry you towards the bedroom. Smacking your ass playfully, I ease you onto the bed. Holding your knees up, I happily finish my breakfast...

Top Comment #2 by: bigdick0231
2 years ago

Hey sexy, I would like make video wit u if get this message hmu


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3 weeks ago

Thx for the add babe,peace!

4 months ago

Thank you 

4 months ago

Wow, I love your big ass

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