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I'm all about sneakers... I love to wear sneakers... I love to sniff sneakers... I like licking my sneakers... and most of all I love screwing my sneakers... screwing them hard inside out until I blow my load all over them... that is what I'm about...

Of course I love the occasional wetting and pissing fun as well... getting my sneakers, jeans, basketball shorts, and socks wet with piss is another one of my favorite ways to have a good time. Awesome athletic gear and sneakers is what I'm all about...


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sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Yellow Piss Spilling Down My Jeans and Fila Sneakers

So on the days I'm stuck doing homework I usually go through five or six cans of Coca Cola... I don't know why but the sweet soda makes the piss ex... More >

Length: 3:52 | Viewed: 1094 | Comments: 3


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Tied and Desperate 1: Basketball Guy Pisses HImself

First I just want to say that not all of my videos will be like this. I'll still be making a bunch of free videos for every video like this that I ... More >

Length: 5:22 | Viewed: 1220 | Comments: 2

Price of this video: $1.00 (Price for 24 hours of streaming)

sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Reebok Sneaker Jerk Off Session

So an online buddy of mine bought these sneakers and he paid me a little extra to have fun with them on his behalf... hehe... so lately these sneak... More >

Length: 5:35 | Viewed: 1173 | Comments: 12


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Jeans & Air Jordan 7's Taste Hot Piss

One thing I loved about TV shows in the 90's were the sneakers in those shows. A lot of times guys in 90's TV shows would wear a classic pair of bl... More >

Length: 4:42 | Viewed: 1829 | Comments: 4


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

My Sock Cock Jerk Off

Well this video is basically just a good old jerk off session... however I used a pair of long tube socks this time to soften my cock and milk some... More >

Length: 4:33 | Viewed: 2153 | Comments: 11


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Shiny Nike RT1's Get Soaked In Warm Piss

Hello there everyone... just another day of hours of studying homework, consuming can after can of Coca Cola, and building up gallons of piss insid... More >

Length: 3:44 | Viewed: 2042 | Comments: 6


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Pissing Gallons In My Shorts And Nike Sneakers

Hey guys Halloween 2015 is almost here and that has absolutely nothing to do with this video... lol... Halloween is awesome though... anyways I was... More >

Length: 4:12 | Viewed: 5253 | Comments: 13


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

Getting Back To Pissing On Sneakers

Well guys on top of the sneakers I love to jerk off with and fuck around with... I also enjoy the occasional sneaker and jeans pissing sessions... ... More >

Length: 3:35 | Viewed: 2742 | Comments: 11


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

My New Intro Video - Sneaker36Creamer

I've always enjoyed this site and I've always had fun making videos so I don't wanna stop doing that anytime soon. As some of you guys know I recen... More >

Length: 0:55 | Viewed: 2250 | Comments: 8


sneaker36creamer has uploaded a new video.

After Basketball Cum Explosion

Well guys I've been so damn busy with school, work, and dealing with some past medical issues that came back to bite me in the ass... lol... anyway... More >

Length: 6:33 | Viewed: 4411 | Comments: 11


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Top Comment #1 by: sneaker36creamer
1 year ago

Thanks for all of the positive comments guys, I just want you all to know that I have a lot of fun making these videos (creaming sneakers is what I love after all) for all you guys to watch and enjoy. I just want to say thank you for watching and all of your suggestions, comments, and chat time I've had with some of you. It's been fun and as long as I have plenty of loads of cum in me and sneakers to jerk off with I will continue to make as many videos as I can. Happy New Years, I hope you all have a great 2014!!!

Top Comment #2 by: Topher420
6 months ago

Thanks for sharing, bro.  I'll be returning to your channel again and again. ;)


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5 days ago

Fab fat uncut cock, uncut the best !!!!

1 week ago

thanks for the friendship

1 month ago

very hot vids of pissing your sneakers and shorts!

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