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Hey Guys, Just want to tell you about ourselves. Serinity and I (Stephan) met in a local grocery store where I worked for about 3 years. For about 2.5 years we associated on a customer employee level. We had no Idea what was going through each others minds. Until, one day when the cat came out of the bag! About 2 weeks into our dating I told her that I was going to make her a squirter. She had no clue what I was talking about. I think it was on our second sexual encounter it happened. Her first squirting orgasm. She was stunned and was kind of at awe at what had just happened. She asked "WHAT WAS THAT." I said, "you just soaked me." From that day on Serinity has been a true squirter and has never looked back on those little tingles that she thought felt so good. We have started this page to share our down and dirty, wet and wild adventures with you all. So welcome to our page and I hope you love our videos. If you have any special requests please ask and we will try and make it happen. Guys If you have never made a woman squirt please pay attention. You may learn something. A squirter is a HAPPY WOMAN! I would also like to add that we are both professional Photographers. We will do our best to have some photos of serinity up soon so that you may purchase them as well. If you are interested in a Professional Photo Shoot you may leave us a message here and we will do our best to make it happen!

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2 years ago

Thanks for the request. I've only squirted once before. Gonna try to chronicle our adventures in trying to make that happen. Any pointers?

2 years ago

welcome to xtube!


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