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Naughty Masseuse 2

Hope you enjoyed it as much as my 'friend' and I did. x More >

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Massage Teaser

A quick preview of me giving a massage to a colleague... during which I got so turned on teasing him, that I got carried away! You know me... mutua... More >

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A Sexy Massage Tease

One evening, I invited an unsuspecting colleague for a massage after work (he was under a lot of pressure and needed some stress relief ;) Little did he know what was to come... and needless to say, we got very carried away! Here is the photographic evidence... the movie is to follow. Enjoy.. Rasha x More >
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Requests for new vids/pics

This is cool... I am receiving video requests already! In order not to lose them all in all my mails, I would appreciate it if you could post them ... More >
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My Amateur Account

Hi sexy xtubers, I thought it a good idea to explain this change here and use this blog as a forum for communication as I have received so many... More >
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Rashadub Collection

This is a compilation of earlier vids to introduce myself and my teases to those of you that don't know me yet. I hope you enjoy. x More >

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Photoshoot Fantasy

I have always dreamed of doing a sexy photoshoot... we decided to advertise on a swinging site and found a semi professional photographer and these are some of the pics. I am happy with the result, but definitely want to do it again in the future perhaps with an oil or burlesque theme. The movie of this will also be available soon. More >
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Questions for Rasha

Many of you are intrigued by my new sexual adventures and lots of questions have been asked recently. Willing to share, I decided to use this as a ... More >
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I need you to help me fulfill my fantasies!

From my latest vid it is perhaps quite obvious that I (well, my voyeuristic husband and the reawakened exhibitionist Rasha) are taking our... More >
rashadub2 has posted a new article.

Feeling the urge again :-)

 Hello xtube! I hope you are all well, whatever season you may be in and wherever you are.It has been almost three years since I ... More >

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Top Comment #1 by: my-secret-self
1 year ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment as well as the friend invite.  I have always found your content so sensual, dreamy and fantasy inspiring.  I do love how we all have our public life and people think they know us and unfortunately so many people try to life up to what they think others think of them.  Xtube has truly opened my eyes to the fact that every day people have a sensual, playful, fantasy filled side to them with wants and needs and luckily there is an outlet to express that as much or as little as one wishes.  That being said, thank you for sharing.  

Top Comment #2 by: smallmale
1 year ago

Happy Holidays honey bunny :)


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1 week ago

I miss you and your videos :)

7 months ago


8 months ago

you turn me on so much

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