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funloving artist in South Florida.


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leather manhandling

I bring it for you to get on my cock with me in leather gloves, boots, vest and cap thanks to leatherboy87 for requesting hd; no cumshot More >

Length: 5:08 | Viewed: 6157 | Comments: 18


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daddy gives to you

I promised I'd give you what you want if you gave me your full effort and you made me proud. You're sure that you want to follow through with me sh... More >

Length: 3:58 | Viewed: 23274 | Comments: 31


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new pix 9 5 2015

with love from William More >
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sharing hairy hole jo

thank you for visiting me buddy..I'm in the mood to open up and give you my hairy hole to enjoy while I keep my feet in your face. It gets me so ex... More >

Length: 5:04 | Viewed: 7637 | Comments: 3

Price of this video: $1.90 (Price for 24 hours of streaming)

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cum with William

let's shoot together sexy buddy! love, William More >

Length: 2:11 | Viewed: 8829 | Comments: 43


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late night jo

hi buddy! I wanted to pour out some semen for you in an intimate scene that I hope you enjoy. Love,William More >

Length: 3:59 | Viewed: 15111 | Comments: 51


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cum pictures from "butt enjoyment tips" with love More >
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have some

glad you dropped by Man! if you want some I'll share (hd; no cumshot) love,William More >

Length: 5:16 | Viewed: 27837 | Comments: 52


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robe in garden

Hi buddy! thanks for dropping by; I was just watering some plants. Come hang out with me for a few. (hd; no cumshot) More >

Length: 3:27 | Viewed: 12977 | Comments: 24


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blue jockstrap

hi Man, I'm glad you dropped by. I'm just hangin around in this blue and white jockstrap my ol' buddy made (hd; no cumshot but lots of sharing) More >

Length: 4:05 | Viewed: 11947 | Comments: 20


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Top Comment #1 by: XtubePA
5 months ago

   As for those dirty little thoughts that I mentioned, allow me to slip this note for you under your office door, coach. This should give you some things to think about...

     Coach, I would definitely come in your office... anytime! Just be sure to wear a pair of your short shorts. Let me know why you called me inside and what exactly is running through that head of yours. I don't think that I'll be going anywhere for awhile, so relax and take your time.

    I'll be sure to notice if I catch you checking out my bulge. You're always ordering us jocks to suit up. Maybe for once you'd like to see me strip down. I'm going to need your help with that though. That's if you really want to see what I am packing in my Speedo. If the drawstring is pulled too tight, just use your tongue and mouth to work it on out and get it unstuck. Don't be afraid to help a guy out! With all your time coaching, you probably are use to cocks popping out right before your very eyes. I hope that you won't mind my nakedness.

   I don't think that you'll be needing my help getting undressed yourself. From what I've seen through your office windows, you're pretty good at stripping down after practice. I should grab a stopwatch and time you sometime. You always look so good in your briefs and you're rather quick in getting those off. I've also caught you freeballing, especially when you wear a pair of coaches' shorts. Those shorts leave little to the imagination when on you. Hey, what can I say? A good jock notices all these things in a coach. ;)

   You're often very ready to shower after practice. I'm waiting for my shot. Let's see if you have the balls to invite me inside the private shower in your office. Or you're welcome to join me in the gang shower in the locker room. If you're up for any of that, I'll bring the soap and you can bring an open mind and a willingness to get dirty! ;)

    It looks like you have a lot to think about, coach. I'll let you go then. If you need me, you know where to find me. ;) A jock can count on a coach like you. Thanks for listening!

Top Comment #2 by: XtubePA
5 months ago

    Thanks for adding me, coach. I am happy to be on your team. :)

    Where do I even begin with you? Oh, the things that I could do with you... but enough about those dirty little thoughts. ;) I'll try to focus here and post the comments that I have for you.

    You put a lot of thought into your videos and that is a very good thing. The camera angles, the dialogue, the wardrobe, the content... are all on point each time. Thanks for all the work that you put in on these videos. Know that it is very appreciated. You have a creative side and quite the imagination. Keep going with that!

    Everything about you as a man gets my motor going! I like it when a coach has a sexual side and is willing to act on it. If only there were more coaches like you, I'd be one less frustrated jock!

    You have good taste in underwear. Your introduction video here shows just how quickly you can slip those off. That's a nice skill set to have! I'll keep that in mind.

   Keep up the great work! I hope to see more from you... or more of you in less clothing! Just a suggestion! ;) Thanks again!


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5 days ago

Thanks for the add. Saludos.

1 week ago

Thanks for the your sexy feet and ass

1 week ago

Thanks for the friendship Handsome!

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